Buy Monero 2021 – Our guide to buying XMR safely & cheaply!

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You can also find out important information about which exchanges are available and whether you can also get the XMR Coins with PayPal, Credit Card and other payment methods   Buy Monero: What should you look out for in order to buy Monero cheaply & safely? Since Monero has some differences to Bitcoin in terms of privacy, scalability […]

How to buy Cardano 2021? Our guide to safe & affordable ADA purchase!

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Since 2015 there has been a very special online currency: Cardano. Here we show how and where you can best buy Cardano , which exchanges are available and whether you can also get ADA tokens with PayPal, SOFORT-Überweisung and Co. What is Cardano? If such PoW networks grow, this growth is often associated with rising costs , low transaction speeds and increased […]

How to Buy Litecoin 2021? Our guide to safe & affordable LTC purchase!

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The crypto currency Litecoin (LTC) is confusingly  similar to Bitcoin : Litecoin also wants to establish itself as a means of payment , manages all transactions via a peer-to-peer network and uses blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin can be exchanged for real money on a number of crypto exchanges. The Litecoin blockchain does not generate new blocks every 10 minutes, but every 2.5 minutes, which means that it generates four times as many coins as Bitcoin . Reason enough to invest in Litecoin . Buy Litecoin: What should you […]

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash 2021? Our guide to safe & cheap BCH purchase!

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a spin-off from the Bitcoin blockchain that arose as a result of a so-called hard fork on August 1, 2017 . The cryptocurrency achieved widespread use immediately after the hard fork. Because: Every Bitcoin owner was instantly entitled to as much Bitcoin Cash as he owned Bitcoin . The background to the split was a dispute in the Bitcoin community […]

How to Buy Ripple 2021? Our guide to safe & cheap XRP purchase!

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Ripple entered the online currency market in 2012 . That was when Ryan Fugger, Chris Larsen and Jeb MacCaleb got together. A developer, a businessman and a programmer. The payment network specializes in international transactions . One would like to provide blockchain solutions for end users and also for large institutes and banks. Buy Ripple: What should you look out for in order […]

Buy Ethereum Guide 2021: How & where can you buy and sell Ethereum cheaply?

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Ethereum is hourly bore to as the number 2 of all cryptocurrencies. The blockchain and a decentralized network are also used presently. The system primarily deals with so- called smart contracts,i.e. contracts that conclude once examined how you can buy Ethereum fast and freely. Buy Ethereum: What should you look out for in order to buy Ethereum cheaply & safely? There are several ways to buy Ethereum. You should pay special attention to the following things when buying Ethereum: Where is the best […]

Buy Bitcoin in under 7 minutes including instructions, providers & tips

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the most important& well-known crypto currency of all. Multiple investors agree that Bitcoin should now be part of every portfolio. But how can you actually buy Bitcoin? In our companion, we show how you can buy Bitcoin from a secure provider using varicolored payment tactics resembling as PayPal, bank transfer or credit card and hand detailed instructions on how to buy it. We also show what the difference between Bitcoin CFDs and real Bitcoins is-and which of the two variants is more suitable for buying and trading. What is bitcoin Bitcoin is a decentralized and independent digital arithmetic unit that, compared […]