Best CBD Oils of 2022 – How to Pick the Right Oil

This article goes over everything you need to know about Different types of CBD oil for various purposes on which ones are the best for you.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a type of organic oil made from the hemp or cannabis plant. It’s been frequently talked about the dozens of health benefits and also many therapeutic effects CBD Oils can have. This article goes over everything you need to know about this remarkable product, Different types of CBD oil for various purposes, plus we will review the best CBD oils on each category.

We will cover

While there are hundreds of CBD products on the market right now, not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

That being said, the companies who make these CBD oils say they have a wide range of benefits. These include being able to protect against things like:


  • Anxiety: One of the biggest selling points of CBD products is that they can supposedly help with anxiety. With the number of people suffering from this condition today, it's easy to see why these CBD oils have become so popular. But do they actually work? According to scientists, CBD oil could change the way your brain processes serotonin. A study found that 500 mg of CBD oil helped nervous people with public speaking. Other studies performed on animals have discovered that it can lower stress and reduce the physiological signs of anxiety.


  • Pain Relief: CBD oils affect your brain's receptors and this can help you deal with pain. Early studies have shown that CDB oil can help chemotherapy patients. This product has also shown promise in relieving conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.
  • Neurodegenerative disorders: Scientists are studying if hemp oil can prevent conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and strokes. Research so far has found that this oil may prevent inflammation, which can make these diseases worse.
  • Acne: Like coconut oil or olive oil, this product is said to have tremendous skin benefits. The anti-inflammatory nature of CBD oil means it may be able to help with skin conditions such as acne. In fact, a recent study found it could slow down the production of sebum. This is the oil that hydrates your skin and can lead to acne.

In addition to this, these CBD oils are claimed to be able to help you sleep better, overcome pain, reduce inflammation, and even enhance recovery from exercise. Many athletes in the past year have spoken freely about how CBD products had helped them recover from hard training.

Besides this, CBD oil may have dozens of other health benefits; many of which we do not know about just yet. Some researchers even claim that CBD may work as a treatment for cancer. To date, this has not been proven.

What Is CBD Tincture?

If you've researched CBD oils, you may also have seen something known as CBD tincture. A lot of people want to know what the difference is between this and CBD oil. The difference lies in how the CBD is extracted. CBD tincture is made by soaking the cannabis plant in water and alcohol. CBD oil is made by steeping cannabis in oil.

What Is CBD Tincture?

According to users, each product is different. CBD oil is said to be more powerful (But also more expensive) while CBD tincture tastes better and can be easily added to food and drinks.

Is this CBD Oil Legal?

The first thing people want to know when they hear about CBD oil is whether or not it's legal. The second thing they want to know is if it can get you high.

The answer to the first question is Not in all US Countries.

Unfortunately, CBD oil is not legal in all US states. Some states have legalized this oil for medical use and others have banned it outright. This is why it's important that you check local laws before purchasing this product. CBD Products with less than 0.3% THC are legal on a federal level in the USA. However, it's still illegal in some states. You have to research your state laws to determine if that kind of CBD is legal there. please make sure its possible to deliver your desired prodcuts to your home state before purchasing any CBD Oils.

The answer to the second question is also NO.

The cannabis plant contains two cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is what produces the feeling of being “high.” CBD, on the other hand, does not cause euphoric effects.


Some people have also asked if the use of CBD products can make them fail a drug test. The answer is that it really depends on the test and the type of product you are using. Some CBD products contain THC and others do not. Broad-spectrum CBD does NOT contain THC. While the full spectrum contains small amounts of THC; usually less than 0.3%. If you're concerned about drug testing then it's best to stick to broad-spectrum CBD.

The Best CBD Oils By Category

To help you choose the best CBD oil for your needs, we've divided these up into different categories based on what they can do for you. In this guide, you can find the best CBD products for pain relief, anxiety, depression, and for athletes with injuries

Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief

This company was founded in 2017 with the intention of creating mainstream awareness about CBD oils. It certainly seems to have succeeded. This CBD oil is made from cannabis grown in Colorado. It’s strong enough to treat most ailments and FAB CBD oil is also said to be especially effective for foot cramps. It's also good for helping you recover from exercise, calming ragged nerves, and some people even claim it has helped them with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Known for powerful CBD tinctures, this family-run business produces a wide variety of other products, including dog treats, and bath bombs. The pure CBD products are recommended for people who are feeling fatigued or who can't stand dealing with the aches and pains of day to day living. Many of the CBD products have been used by athletes who want to overcome the pain caused by sports-related injuries and some people have mentioned that their hemp products can do wonders for your skin.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD uses CO2 extraction to process its CBD products. This is a method for extracting CBD that does not use heat or solvents. This gives a better quality of CBD oil, makes the oil more pure, and the complete spectrum of cannabinoids is left behind. This is pure CBD and recommended for people who want the strongest possible dosage in order to relieve pain or overcome nausea. This company's oils are strong and range from 250 mg per bottle all the way up to 4850 mg. But while NuLeaf Naturals CBD make great products, one thing that might put you off is the lack of flavors. The products are marketed as 100% organic and pure. For this reason, NuLeaf Naturals CBD does not use additives such as flavorings or

CBD Products for Depression and Anxiety

This is another brand that markets itself as 100% organic. Like many others on this list, it uses hemp sourced from Colorado. Cheef Botanicals doesn't do flavorants, additives, nor preservatives. The hemp oil is known for its purity and strength. This makes it perfect for people who use CBD oil to deal with issues like anxiety and depression. This company makes some of the best CBD oils for people who want to relax and unwind. You can even use the products for serious issues such as nerve pain. Be sure to check out their line of CBD water, which has 4.7 mg per bottle.

A Colorado-based company that uses co2 extraction to processes the hemp oil is CBD Distillery. The full-spectrum CBD oils are recommended if you're feeling anxious and want to relax, unwind, or induce a sense of calm. The products can be used to boost your mood at the end of a bad day or if you need to manage stress. In addition to this, users report the CBD tinctures are good for dealing with difficult work environments, increasing focus, and concentration during study.

Based in Hawaii, the hemp extract in this oil may help you to feel better and overcome nervousness. The range of full-spectrum CBD oils is supposed to be able to help people who are feeling mild symptoms of depression and anxiety. What we like about Mana Artisan Botanics is that it does some of the most stringent testings we've seen. All of the products are lab tested and you can actually go onto the website and see certificates of analysis from the lab itself! Plus you can see the individual cannabinoid profile of each individual product. What's more, all of the hemp used in their products is homegrown at a farm on the island of Hawaii. This way you can be assured you're getting the finest quality organic product without any chemicals pesticides or fertilizers.

CBD Brands for Sleeping

One place where CBD oil may show great promise is with insomnia. With that in mind, Charlotte's Web has created a range of oils specifically made to help you sleep. To enhance the soporific qualities of the products, it has added things like melatonin, L-theanine, lemon balm, ginger, and turmeric. All of these may help to aid sleep, and if you're sick of tossing and turning all night, then visit them now. That being said, while this company has great solutions for people who can't sleep, their products have several drawbacks. Before you buy anything from Charlotte's Web keep in mind that their oils are not lab tested. Not only that, but they also are not made from organic certified hemp. Plus there are no flavorings, which might be a problem for people who can't stomach the earthy taste of CBD oil.

Another company that is known for helping people sleep better is Calm by Wellness. The CBD oils and tinctures help you to get to sleep fast , and sleep better and more deeply. The reason why is because they contain a whopping 500 mg per bottle. Just a few drops can knock you right out at night and you can wake up feeling completely rejuvenated and infused with a sense of peace and calmness (And without that groggy feeling that sometimes comes with other sleep aids). The products contain a wide variety of the best natural compounds said to aid with sleep. These include things like lavender, chamomile, hops, lemongrass, ho wood, orange extract, pine extract, and jasmine. Calm by Wellness is the perfect CBD product for anyone who needs to ease their mind and stay calm throughout the day. On top of all this, the team also has a panel of doctors who help them evaluate and formulate their CBD products.

CBD Oils for Muscle Recovery

Recent evidence shows that CBD and hemp extract may help muscles recover faster and many companies now sell muscle rub products that can help to assist your recovery. If you're looking for something to aid recovery after a strenuous workout then Lazarus Naturals come highly recommended. It sells a wide variety of products that can be used for reducing inflammation, easing sore muscles, and also recovering faster after strenuous workouts. The reason why is because the products are made from MCT oil. This is basically a type of fat known as medium-chain triglycerides. This fat can quickly absorb into your bloodstream and provides you with energy. MCT oil can provide other benefits such as weight loss, appetite control, and inflammation. Their products are also gluten-free if you're into that kind of lifestyle. Plus they only use 100% organic hemp, which is grown on their own farms.

Eureka Effects sells a wide range of broad-spectrum CBD oils, tinctures, and capsules. Made from MCT oil and containing 15 mg per drop, these products have a sedating effect and can help with muscle healing, overall health, and chronic conditions. This brand is also a favorite amongst animal owners. If your pet is suffering from stiff joints or weak knees then this may help. Eureka Effects claims this oil may help people suffering from arthritis as well as mild skin cancers, inflammation, asthma, anger issues, and seizures.

How to Choose a CBD Oil

With dozens of these products on the market, how do you choose the best CBD oil? Here are several criteria you should look at before making your decision.

Does it contain broad or full-spectrum CBD?

There are three types of commercially available CBD oils. These are known as broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD and isolate. The difference between them is in the types of cannabinoids they contain.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil has all cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, except for THC.


  • Full-spectrum CBD oil has all cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, including THC.


  • Isolate has only pure CBD.

So should you choose a broad or full spectrum oil? The choice is really up to you and to be honest, there's not much difference between them. The only real difference is that one contains small amounts of THC and the other does not. Keep this in mind when purchasing. Just remember, the amount of THC in it is so small, that it's not really going to have any effect on you. The only time that this becomes important is if you have to pass a drug test. There could be legal complications with products containing THC, so take that into consideration. Finally, think about how strong you want your oil to be and the amount of CBD in mg per bottle.

Does the manufacturer do outside testing?

As we've already mentioned, CBD oils are not approved by the FDA. This means it's impossible to know what you're getting. That's why, when buying something, you should always check the label to see if it has been tested by an outside lab. Most reputable sellers allow their product to be tested at a third-party lab. Outside testing lets you know that you're actually getting what's on the label. It's something you should always check for. In addition to this, testing at a third-party lab lets you know that the oil is as potent as it claims to be. Finally, testing can be useful so that you don't buy anything with impurities in it. These could include things like heavy metals, pesticides, or artificial preservatives, and flavorings.

Does it contain any additives?

The main ingredients in any CBD product are usually listed as hemp oil, hemp extract, or simply industrial hemp. Aside from that, there may be other additives. These are usually added to enhance taste and texture. Some companies add in flavorings and vitamins for additional health benefits. Depending on how you feel about this, you may want to choose an oil that doesn't have added ingredients. While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with additives some people prefer their CBD oil to be completely pure.

Does it contain organically grown materials?

Check if the product contains organic cannabis. This is free of pesticides and other chemicals and is better for your health. You want to avoid industrial hemp because it is often sprayed with pesticides and grown with chemical fertilizers. Your best bet, in this case, is to use CBD oil made from hemp the seller has grown themselves.

Are you actually buying hemp seed oil?

Be careful when buying any product on the internet. You see, a lot of people get confused between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is made from the hemp plant. It's usually manufactured from industrial hemp seed and while it's said to be good for your skin, it doesn't have the types of benefits that CBD oil has. The issue is that many companies are marketing hemp seed oil products in an attempt to trick consumers. They do this in order to get more money for their cheap hemp oil. So always make sure to check the label and know what you're actually buying.

Bottom line, before buying anything you should:

  • Check if it's broad or full-spectrum CBD oil.

  • Confirm that the manufacturer does testing at a third-party lab.

  • See if the oil contains any additives, preservatives, colorants, or flavorings.

  • Make sure it contains organically grown cannabis.

  • Verify that you're not buying hemp seed oil.

How do you Take CBD Oils or CBD Tincture?

Taking CBD oil is as simple as putting it in your mouth and swallowing. What you should do is start by shaking the bottle. Most CBD oils come in a dropper bottle. You can use this dropper to place the CBD oil on or under your tongue. For best results hold it there for a minute or two. If it's working then you should start to feel something within an hour to an hour and a half. Most users recommend taking a dose once every 5-7 hours.

Usually, manufacturers enclose information on recommended doses, but you can also search online. When taking CBD oil it's probably best to start with the smallest dose possible. This lets you see how it affects you. Once you've done that, you can start to scale things up and experiment. The results you get on these products depend on many things. These include your psychological state, your weight, and metabolism. It helps to check how many mg per drop is in each bottle. This helps you gauge how much you should take.

CBD oil can be mixed with your food and drink. Oil, CBD, or otherwise, can be used for baking and many users report making cookies and other snacks. This is helpful if you don't like the idea of taking the oil on its own. Or if you don't like the taste of CBD oil. BTW, in case you're wondering, CBD products don't taste like olive oil or coconut oil. Pure CBD oil has been described as having a grassy or earthy flavor.

Just note that this may affect its rate of absorption into your body. Any CBD product should always be kept somewhere safe and away from extreme heat or cold. Some people like to put it in the fridge as this is said to increase the lifespan.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

Now that we've come to the end of this article you're probably wondering if this is worth spending money on.

What you have to understand is that none of these hemp or CBD products are approved by the FDA. This could mean that they may not actually do anything. On the other hand, there are currently hundreds of studies that show that CBD can help with a wide variety of things such as anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, insomnia, seizures. Most importantly, it may also be able to treat cancer.

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether hemp is a wonder plant, and it may be many years before anything is conclusively proven. There are also some people who believe that the benefits of CBD are due to the placebo effect, but that discussion is well beyond the scope of this article.

In the meantime, there are thousands of people who swear by CBD. These people have used it to help with dozens of conditions and ailments and are 100% convinced of its efficacy. Whether you're dealing with anxiety or chronic pain, CBD oils are at least worth trying.

To find out more about trsuted CBD prodcuts you can sfaely use be sure to check out our 2020 Best CBD Gummies Guide!

The bottom line is this:

It's ultimately up to you to decide. There's nothing stopping you from experimenting with CBD or other hemp extract products. You never know, CBD may just change your life and if it doesn't you can always ask for a refund.

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