The Benefits of CBD – Is It Worth The Buy?

There is practically no limit to where CBD appears. However, is it worth the buy?

Table of Contents

CBD is becoming a popular ingredient to put into almost anything. From food and candies to lotions and oils and even CBD tea, there is practically no limit to where CBD appears. However, is it worth the buy?

Table of Contents

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the active ingredients in cannabis. Even though it does not come from the same plant as marijuana, it does come from the hemp plant, which has a close relationship with marijuana. CDB stands for cannabidiol, and many researchers believe that people first started to use it around 750 B.C.E for medicinal and ritual purposes. 


Since its first usage, not much has become known about CBD, but it has a different effect on health than THC. Since CBD is a part of the cannabis family, it has similar properties to THC-tetrahydrocannabinol. However, more research has been done on THC, concluding that it is a psychoactive component of the plant. CBD, on the other hand, is not entirely conclusive, but researchers lean toward deducing it as not psychoactive

What Is the Medicinal Value of CBD?

According to users and some researchers, there are several benefits to taking CBD. Though they may not work for everyone, CBD can improve some aspects of life, including:

For the most part, advertisers present CBD as a plant ingredient that can help with depression, anxiety, sleep depravity, and post-traumatic stress disorder. One of the many perks, too, is that CBD is not psychoactive. This means that users can have serious health benefits without the high and its accompanying consequences. 


CBD is generally legal in the United States; however, there are varying degrees of its legal status that depend on each state. Some states allow medicinal and recreational, while others ban recreational usage or CBD entirely. The FDA recognizes the many health and medicinal benefits of the plant ingredient, so it legally allowed for more research to be conducted on CBD. 


Today, people can get CBD easily through online vendors without needing a medical cannabis license. The government considers the legality of CBD to change depending on whether it comes from hemp or marijuana. Overall, though, CBD is easy to purchase. 


From celebrities to ordinary people, CBD has become ingrained into medicine as well as self-care. You can find oils, lollipops, and more containing CBD to enhance certain life aspects. It is not all about taking pills and downing syrups.

Does CBD Products Actually Work?

The FDA has allowed research to be conducted on CBD, but that does not indicate its capabilities. According to assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harvard University, Donald Levy, “the marketing has gone way ahead of the science and the law when it comes to CBD products.” For this, a lot of the public believe CBD is a form of marijuana, except legal. This is not entirely the case as there are different effects and different outcomes from its usage. 


Overall, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that states the effects of CBD. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), only pre-clinical evidence exists. Currently, several ongoing studies are testing the effects of CBD on various health issues, but none have the proper certification stating that CBD is effective, nor that it is bad. 


The scientific community claims that there needs to be more research on CBD before making any conclusive statements on its effectiveness. However, one of the main targets of CBD treatment is on those who have epilepsy. Most studies that were done on CBD test the effects on epileptic patients. So far, researchers have noticed that drowsiness is one side effect. 


Most studies done have been conducted with animals and rodents. Of course, their minds are constructed differently, so the chances are that the effects of CBD on their mental health and behavior differ from the impact on humans.

What Can CBD Help With?

Here are some of the main health issues that many CBD studies are researching:

Many studies show promise in that CBD Oils can improve anxiety and depression. Although the ADAA states that there is no evidence claiming CBD is useful, it is possible to see improvements.


Additionally, people who have PTSD report that they felt little to no change in triggering subjects after taking CBD. 


There is also a possibility that CBD can act as a sleeping aid. Some studies researching the effects of CBD on epilepsy report that drowsiness was a side effect. On the other hand, studies are claiming that the plant is not a full-proof way of falling asleep.

Where and How to Purchase CDB?

You are more likely to find CBD products online than in stores due to the ever-changing legality of CBD and other similar products. To help you get started, here is our detailed CBD list and another great best CBD oils list from our Partners at RaveReviews.

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