How to buy Cardano 2021? Our guide to safe & affordable ADA purchase!

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Since 2015 there has been a very special online currency: Cardano. Here we show how and where you can best buy Cardano , which exchanges are available and whether you can also get ADA tokens with PayPal, SOFORT-Überweisung and Co.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform that is intended to be an efficient alternative to common proof-of-work (PoW) networks . PoW networks have some limitations in terms of scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

If such PoW networks grow, this growth is often associated with rising costs , low transaction speeds and increased energy consumption .

Cardano developer Charles Hoskinson is also one of the co-founders of Ethereum . When developing Ethereum, he noticed that such PoW networks have some weak points. That's why he started developing Cardano in 2015 and launched the platform in 2017.

Cardano sees itself as a further development of Ethereum and focuses, among other things, on smart contracts. Cardano wants to be a development platform for decentralized applications (DApp) with a multi-asset ledger and verifiable smart contracts.

Cardano has developed steadily over the past few years. The project always has its development stages scientifically monitored and validated. The primary cryptocurrency Cardanos is called Ada . This currency has seen strong price jumps in the past. In October 2017, the currency was still around € 0.02 . ADA is now at a value of € 1.11 (as of June 25, 2021).

Buy Cardano: What should you look out for in order to buy Cardano cheaply and safely?

Since Cardano has some differences to Bitcoin in terms of decentralization and scalability, there are some differences to buying Bitcoin . Above all, one should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Where is the best place to buy Cardano?We recommend eToro as a broker for the Cardano purchase. When choosing the right provider, investors should pay attention to various aspects. First of all, the fees play a big role when buying ADA. At eToro, investors can buy Cardano for a small fee, which is currently 0.75%. With an investment amount of € 200, this corresponds to just € 1.50. These fees are significantly lower compared to other providers. In addition to the low fees, the user-friendliness of the trading platform also plays an important role. The platform at eToro is clear and appealing, so beginners and professionals can invest in Cardano quickly. There are many dubious providers in the field of crypto exchanges. Therefore, investors should choose a provider that is strictly regulated. This ensures that the provider is reputable and that the ADA purchase is safe here. The provider eToro is subject to the regulations of European authorities and can therefore be described as serious.
  • Do I want to hold onto Cardano for the long term, use it for internet purchases, or speculate on the price?When making a Cardano investment, investors must first ask themselves whether they want to use the tokens as a means of payment or whether they want to speculate on the prices. Cardano is really worth it for users who actually want to send Cardano and use it to pay for Internet purchases, for example to buy. This means that investors buy and use the real token via a crypto exchange like eToro. For investors who only want to speculate on the price of ADA, Cardano CFDs are the better choice. With this financial instrument, investors can get on the price speculate without having to buy the underlying asset. This approach has the advantage that investors do not have to deal with crypto wallets and other peculiarities of crypto currencies. Crypto CFDs work just like normal share CFDs. Another advantage is that capital gains tax is charged on profits from CFD trading. On the other hand, sales of “real” cryptocurrencies incur the personal income tax. This is often higher than the capital gains tax.
  • How does a Cardano wallet work? A Cardano wallet is where the tokens are kept. Put simply, the wallet can be understood as an account. ADAs can be sent to this “account” and users can also send Cardano from this wallet. Wallets always have a public key and a private key, and the public key is comparable to an account number. Other users or institutions send Cardano to this address. The private key is a kind of password for this account. This key is required to carry out or confirm transactions.
  • Is it worth investing in Cardano?An investment in Cardano is associated with a lot of uncertainty. If you look into the past, you can see that an investment in Cardano has been well worth it in recent years: an investor who had invested a sum of € 5,000 in ADA in June 2019 would now have assets of over € 70,000 Proponents of Cardanos say that Cardano can play an important role in the crypto ecosystem and therefore has positive prospects, which suggests that Cardano's price could continue to rise. On the other hand, however, there are also critics who are more pessimistic about the future – no one knows how the crypto market will develop in the next few years. However, it should be noted that Cardano is a serious and very promising crypto project.


The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

How do I buy Cardano in Germany? Buy Cardano Instructions for Beginners with eToro:

Here we will show you step by step how to add Cardano to your portfolio. We use the broker eToro for this, as this offers the advantage that you can buy both real Cardano Coins and CFDs (with leverage) – thus combining the advantages of a broker and an exchange.

We will go into the difference between a broker and an exchange below.

First step: Registration with a broker or a crypto exchange

First, you register with a broker or a crypto exchange.

For our example we have chosen eToro because we can buy real Cardano to hold as well as Cardano derivatives to speculate .

First we click the link to register for eToro:TO THE ETORO REGISTRATION FORM

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

In the form we enter username, email and password and accept the terms and conditions:

We then receive an email for verification in which we click on the link to confirm the account.

Second step: top up your account

In the next step we have to top up our account with money in order to be able to buy Cardano. To do this, we click on the “Deposit money” button at eToro:

etoro deposit

Then we select the amount and the method of payment with which we would like to deposit and then click on the “Send” button to deposit the amount.

Buy Cardano with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and more

In our example we show the purchase with a credit card. eToro also offers other deposit options :

Payment option possible?
Buy Cardano with a credit card ✔️
Buy Cardano with PayPal ✔️
Buy Cardano with SOFORT transfer ✔️
Buy Cardano with Rapid Transfer ✔️
Buy Cardano with Skrill ✔️
Buy Cardano with bank transfer ✔️
Buy Cardano with Neteller ✔️
Buy Cardano with UnionPay ✔️

Third step: Buy Cardano online with euros

Now that we have topped up our account, we can begin the actual Cardano purchase . To do this, we click in the search field above and enter “Cardano” there.

Then we click on the “Trade” button:

Cardano Search eToro

Buy Cardano eToro

The purchase window then opens. Here we have the following options:

  1. Buy or sell : In our case, we have to select “Buy”
  2. Trade or orders : Here we can choose whether we want to execute the trade immediately (trade) or with a delay (order).
  3. Amount : How much Cardano we would like to buy
  4. Stop Loss and Take Profit : At what loss or profit our position should be automatically sold.
  5. Leverage : With what leverage we would like to buy Cardano. With lever X1 we buy real Cardano , with lever X2 we buy leveraged Cardano CFDs .

After we have configured all options, we click on the ” Open Trade ” button to complete the purchase.

Then we have the Cardano in our portfolio, the purchase is complete!TO REGISTER WITH ETORO

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Buying Cardano with euros in Germany: Are there differences in Switzerland & Austria?



The Cardano can be purchased in Germany via eToro . There are no differences to buying in Austria or Switzerland . At eToro, investors can use one of many deposit methods and deposit euros into their account.

These euros are then automatically converted into dollars because eToro's trading platform lists all securities in dollars.

However, this process does not have any disadvantages for investors, as the exchange rates are very attractive and hardly affect the investment amount.

Buying Cardano through eToro is very easy. Investors can simply search for Cardano in the search mask or search for ADA using the “Markets” button . The user-friendly trading platform is one of the biggest advantages of eToro. In addition to this attractive platform, eToro also offers investors very attractive fees for Cardano trading. Some of these fees are significantly lower than those of the competition.

We also recommend eToro because of the seriousness of the platform. The platform is subject to strict regulations of the European authorities and is therefore a safe place for trading with ADA. This provider is therefore our recommendation for all investors who want to buy Cardano in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Buy Cardano Paypal: Where to Buy Cardano Using Paypal

PayPal Icon

Investors can buy Cardano at eToro with PayPal . The provider eToro is one of the few providers that offer investors PayPal as a payment method. The broker eToro can not only score points with Cardano as a payment method. The attractive trading platform was also able to convince us.

Here users can easily find the right cryptocurrency and invest in it.

The fees at eToro are very low compared to other providers. This means that investors at eToro can save a lot of money in this area. In addition to the low fees, the seriousness of a provider in the field of crypto currencies is also of great importance. Unfortunately there are many dubious providers in this area.

However, the provider eToro can be described as serious, as it has to meet the strict requirements of the European authorities . That is why buying Cardano from eToro can be described as safe.

Because of these aspects, eToro is the best provider for us for a Cardano purchase with PayPal. In addition to the diverse payment methods , the provider also impresses with an attractive trading platform , low fees and a high level of reliability .

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Can you buy Cardano offline?

Offline icon

The purchase of Cardano offline is only possible via a purchase from friends or unknown sellers. Unlike Bitcoin, for example, there are no Cardano machines where investors can buy Cardano. Often private individuals offer Cardano for sale on portals such as eBay classified ads .

However, investors should avoid this type of purchase . Unfortunately, there are many dubious providers in the field of cryptocurrencies who disappear with the money after the payment and the buyers never receive the coins they have bought.

That is why we always recommend going through a reputable crypto broker. Our recommendation in this area is the provider eToro . This provider is subject to strict requirements and is regularly checked by the European authorities. This will ensure that it is a reputable provider. With this provider, investors can be sure that they will actually receive the ADAs they have purchased.

In addition to the seriousness, the provider also convinces us in other aspects. The fees for Cardano trading are significantly lower with eToro compared to other providers. The fees per order are currently 0.75% of the investment amount . These fees are very low in the field of cryptocurrencies.

user interface

In addition, the provider impresses with an attractive trading platform with a user-friendly interface . This means that investors can easily buy Cardano. There are also many other crypto currencies at eToro, so that investors can manage their entire crypto portfolio with this provider.

We do not recommend investors to buy Cardano offline. In our opinion, investors should buy through a regulated broker. This ensures that investors actually receive the coins they have bought.

How to Resell Cardano: Our Guide to eToro

etoro logo

The Cardano sales process is also very simple at eToro. To do this , investors first have to call up their own portfolio . You can navigate to the portfolio via the menu on the left. Investors can access their portfolio by clicking on the “Portfolio” button .

All of the investor's assets are displayed in the portfolio. Cardano is also listed here. To sell, investors need to click the gray “V” button. A window then opens in which investors can specify the number of Cardanos to be sold and the price. The sell order is placed by clicking on “Open trade” .

Investors should note that they can either buy the “real” crypto currency Cardano at eToro or conclude a CFD on Cardano. The sales process or the dissolution of the position runs congruently.

So we see that selling Cardano on eToro is also very easy. The credit from the sale is credited to the investor's account after the successful sale.TO THE ETORO REGISTRATION FORM

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Can you buy Cardano anonymously?

Anonymous icon

There are several ways for investors to buy Cardano anonymously. On the Internet, there are more and more offers from sites that allegedly offer an anonymous Cardano purchase. Offers for this type of purchase can also be found on portals such as eBay classified ads.

These offers often seem tempting because many investors do not want to provide any private information when buying cryptocurrencies.

The problem with such offers, however, is that it is difficult to determine whether they are legitimate or not. It is often not clear who the providers of such offers are. Therefore, there are regular cases in which investors pay to buy Cardano but never receive the cryptocurrency.


We therefore recommend investors to buy ADA through a reputable and regulated broker . A reputable broker is subject to strict regulations and must therefore require personal information from buyers. This not only serves to protect the provider, but also to protect the buyer.

That is why we recommend eToro as a provider for the purchase of Cardano . This is licensed by a European authority and is therefore subject to strict regulations.

This ensures that investors actually receive the cryptocurrencies they have bought. The broker eToro was not only able to convince us because of the security.

The provider offers investors a clear trading platform on which they can easily trade with Cardano. In addition, the provider has an attractive fee structure that is well below the fees of other providers. In addition to Cardano, there are also many other crypto currencies at eToro. This allows investors to manage all of their crypto assets in one place.

For us, eToro is therefore the best provider for buying Cardano.

Can you buy Cardano without verification?

Verification Icon

Many investors want to buy Cardano as soon as possible and therefore do not have to verify themselves for the purchase. A purchase of ADA without verification can be made through friends or providers on the Internet, for example. Often, however, investors with unknown providers cannot assess whether they are reputable providers.

Unfortunately, there are many dubious providers in the field of cryptocurrencies . These providers often do not require verification. Therefore, buying through such a provider is more like a game of chance. There is no guarantee that investors will actually receive the coins they have bought.

That is why we advocate buying only from providers who are subject to strict regulations . These providers are legally obliged to request information from their customers. Many investors are reluctant to divulge personal information. However, in view of security, in our opinion it is better to process the Cardano purchase through a regulated broker. This ensures that the investors actually receive the purchased cryptocurrency.

Choose Etoro Broker

Our recommendation for the ADA purchase is therefore eToro . This provider is regulated by European authorities and can therefore be described as safe and reputable. The broker is also characterized by the low fees when buying Cardano and an excellent trading platform. In addition to Cardano, eToro also offers many other crypto currencies.

This allows investors to manage their entire crypto portfolio with one provider.

The verification process at eToro is very quick and easy. This allows investors to open an account in no time and start safe Cardano trading.
We strongly advise against providers without verification. Verification is required by law and offers both providers and customers a high level of security. We therefore recommend eToro for purchasing Cardano (ADA).

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Can you buy Cardano without registering?

Registration Icon

There are different ways to purchase Cardano without registering. We still recommend buying ADA through a regulated broker . More and more often there are providers on the Internet who offer a Cardano purchase without registration. Many investors do not want to register to buy because they do not want to disclose personal information.

However, investors should note that buying through an unregulated provider also involves risks. These providers are not regulated and this does not ensure that investors actually receive the purchased cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there are a large number of dubious providers in the field of cryptocurrencies.

That is why we always recommend buying from a regulated provider. These providers are legally obliged to request data from their customers. With a regulated provider, investors can be sure that they will receive the coins they have bought. Our recommendation for a regulated provider is eToro .

The registration process is very simple here and investors can register with an email address and password in a very short time . Users can also register with an existing Google or Facebook account . This enables an account to be opened in a very short time.

The provider eToro convinced us because it is strictly regulated and can therefore be described as serious. In addition, the fees are significantly lower than with other providers and the trading platform is attractively designed. For us, eToro is therefore the best place to buy Cardano safely and quickly.

What does 1 Cardano currently cost?

A Cardano (ADA) currently costs € 1.09 (as of June 25) . Cardano was still trading at € 0.06 in June 2020 . In the meantime, Cardano hit an all-time high of € 1.90 in May 2021 .

What are Cardano CFDs (certificates)?


Cardano CFDs are so-called contracts for difference . With a CFD for Cardano, investors can invest in ADA's price development without actually having to buy Cardano. These contracts are concluded between the broker and the investor.

For example, if an investor speculates on Cardano's price increase, he can open a CFD with his broker and enter into a so-called long position.

At the time of opening, the value of the underlying asset is used as the basis. If the investor is right and the ADA price rises as a result, he can liquidate his position. His profit is the difference between the selling price and the price at the time the position was opened. The broker pays him this difference.

The CFDs are particularly suitable for investors who want to invest in the development of crypto currencies, but do not want to open a new account with a crypto exchange or who want to deal with the peculiarities of crypto trading. For these investors, trading with a CFD is the right choice .

Buy Cardano as CFD or real cryptocurrency?

There are several ways for investors to invest in Cardano. In addition to the classic purchase of the cryptocurrency, it is also possible to invest in a Cardano CFD . In this section we take a look at the differences between these two types of investment and reveal which type of investor each type of investment is better suited to.


The classic way to invest in Cardano is by buying Cardano. The purchase takes place via a crypto exchange. The advantage of buying “real” ADA is that the coins can actually be used. The coins can be used for payments in online shops , for example.

Another advantage of the classic purchase is of a tax nature. In Germany, profits from the sale of cryptocurrencies fall into the area of private sales transactions .

In this area, the profits are tax-free if the holding period is more than one year . Long-term investors who want to hold ADA for more than a year therefore do not have to pay tax on profits when selling. That is why the classic purchase is particularly worthwhile for long-term investors.

For short-term investors, on the other hand, CFDs are the better choice . With these financial instruments, investors can speculate on Cardano's price developments without having to buy “real” ADAs. The purchase of CFDs also has a tax advantage for active traders. When trading CFDs, profits are subject to capital gains tax. This means that the profits are taxed at a tax rate of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax.

When buying “real” ADAs, on the other hand, the personal income tax rate is applied if the holding period is less than one year. For many traders this is higher than the capital gains tax.

Another advantage is that with CFDs, investors do not have to deal with complicated crypto exchanges and wallets . The Cardano CFDs work just like normal stock CFDs, for example.

A disadvantage of trading CFDs is that investors do not own a Cardano and therefore cannot use the coins. In addition, long holding periods incur additional fees for CFDs.

In summary, we can say that buying real cryptocurrency is more worthwhile for long-term investors. This is mainly due to the tax exemption of profits with a holding period of over a year. For active traders, CFDs are the better choice. Here investors can save taxes and invest in the price development without much effort, without actually having to buy Cardano.

One broker that allows both types of investment is eToro . We therefore recommend the broker eToro to all investors who want to invest in ADA. A safe and cheap investment in Cardano is possible here.

Cryptocurrency CFD
✔️ Cardano can be used ✔️ Purchase without having to hold Cardano
✔️ Tax-free profits if the holding period is> 1 year ✔️ Tax advantage with short holding periods
Buying and storing is often time-consuming High fees with long holding periods
Personal tax rate on short-term gains No use of Cardano


The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Does it make sense to invest in Cardano? Which cryptocurrency is the best investment?

Cardano is one of the most interesting projects in the crypto field. The founder Charles Hoskinson was already involved in the development of Ethereum and founded Cardano with the aim of creating an improved version of Ethereum . The company is accompanied by leading scientists and regularly evaluated.

The supporters of Cardano are extremely positive about the future . An investment in Cardano can therefore be worthwhile. In this section we want to take a look at the recent past and compare Cardano's performance with other top cryptocurrencies.

position Cryptocurrency Price 06/28/2020 Price 12/27/2020 Price 06/27/2021 Change in% (12 / 20-06.21) Change in% (06 / 20-06 / 21)
1 Binance Coin € 12.9700 € 28.1700 € 244.3700 767.48% 1784.12%
2 Cardano € 0.0676 € 0.1298 € 1.1200 762.87% 1556.56%
3 Polkadot € 2.3400 € 11.7800 € 23.3460 98.18% 897.69%
4th Ethereum € 189.5100 € 573.8900 € 1,664.3000 190.00% 778.21%
5 Chainlink € 3.8400 € 10,2000 € 15.4300 51.27% 301.82%
6th Bitcoin € 7,689.5800 € 22,086.7500 € 29,141.1800 31.94% 278.97%
7th XRP € 0.1494 € 0.2379 € 0.5441 128.71% 264.19%
8th Litecoin € 34.8200 € 107.2000 € 111.3100 3.83% 219.67%
9 Bitcoin Cash € 187.3000 € 284.3000 € 401.0700 41.07% 114.13%
10 Tether € 0.8431 € 0.8397 € 0.8416 0.23% -0.18%

Our comparison shows that the Cardanos course developed excellently between June 2020 and June 2021. In the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Cardano was able to show the second largest growth after BNB . The price has risen by more than a factor of 15 within this period. An investment of € 5,000 in June 2020 would have resulted in assets of more than € 75,000 in June 2021 . So Cardano has proven in the past that it can develop positively.

And the future prospects can definitely be rated as positive. Hundreds of developers and scientists are now working on Cardano, improving this project on a daily basis and developing new functions that solve specific problems.

In our opinion, Cardano should therefore not be missing in any crypto portfolio. In general, it is also worth investing in a broadly diversified portfolio in the field of cryptocurrencies. An equally weighted portfolio from the top 9 coins could be named here as an example . This portfolio would have returned nearly 700% between June 2020 and June 2021 .

Broker or stock exchange: where is the best place to buy Cardano?

Now that we've shown a way how to buy Cardano quickly, easily and safely, there are of course other ways too.

The question of how and where best to buy Cardano is closely related to the second question, namely whether you want to hold Cardano for the long term or rather speculate on the price development in the short term.

For short-term speculation, a CFD broker is recommended, where you can speculate on the price development of Cardano without holding the underlying asset directly. The advantage of a broker is that you can also trade with levers , so that even small price fluctuations can result in high profits or losses.

If you want to keep Cardano longer term, you are better off with a crypto exchange:

Should you buy Cardano or not? Our reasons for buying!

Cardano has had a real success story in the recent past and the increasing interest of retailers led to a value of over 3 billion euros in 2020.

Thus, the Cardano Coin is one of the most popular crypto currencies . Cardano is based on the blockchain but differs fundamentally from other blockchain cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Cardano Trading – Should You Hold Cardano Long-Term or Trade Short-Term?


Many investors wonder whether they should hold Cardano for the long term or rather only trade for the short term . There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. What is certain is that Cardano is an extremely exciting project that can play an important role in the field of cryptocurrencies in the future.

For long-term investors who are convinced of Cardano's capabilities, it can therefore be worthwhile to hold on to ADA for the long term .

The cryptocurrency market is still relatively young. Therefore there is still a high level of uncertainty in this market. For investors with a long investment horizon, now might be a good time to invest in Cardano.

The advantage of a long holding period is that the profits are tax-free in Germany after a holding period of over a year . Due to the exciting project and the tax advantages, a long-term investment in Cardano can potentially be very lucrative.

Volatile market

Cardano can also be of interest to active traders. The market for cryptocurrencies is fundamentally more volatile than other financial markets . Therefore, there are often high potential returns in the short term. Another reason ADA is suitable for active trading is that Cardano's volume is high compared to other cryptocurrencies.

This means that the market is liquid and therefore traders can buy and sell at any point in time. If you look at the past, you can see that there are often larger fluctuations with Cardano. Traders can use these fluctuations to make profitable trades .

In summary, we can say that Cardano can be interesting for both long-term investors and active traders. Cardano is one of the largest projects in the crypto space and there are some analysts who are positive about the future at ADA. Cardano is interesting for active traders because there are sometimes large fluctuations and the trading volume is large enough for active trading.

Buy or Sell Cardano? Our advantages and disadvantages analysis:

  • Completely open source
  • No energy-intensive mining (through proof-of-stake)
  • Technologically leading
  • Outstanding developers
  • Second generation cryptocurrency

  • As always, cryptocurrencies are highly speculative

The crypto currency Cardano came onto the market when Bitcoin and Ethereum were already taking their first steps. In this respect, it was possible to find the first answers to the weaknesses of the existing blockchain problems. The focus on scientific knowledge is likely to be a big argument for many retailers to buy Cardano. The pronounced values of transparency, peer-to-peer implementation and cooperation with a wide variety of users are also intended to ensure that ADA is one of the top online currencies in the future.

The cryptocurrency of the blockchain technology  Cardano is called ADA. If you want to buy Cardano (ADA) you usually have to do it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. So you might quickly think of crypto exchanges like Binance. once examined how exactly you can buy Cardano and whether there are other providers who allow the ADA investment. Above all, the European market has recognized the value of Cardano and has therefore accepted it. Today, Cardano can also be purchased from European providers with EU buyer protection up to € 20,000!

Buy Cardano at, coinbase, binance, Bison & Comdirect – Why we recommend eToro as an alternative:

There are only a few providers in Germany for buying Cardano. In addition to Coinbase , Binance and eToro also offer Cardano. On the other hand, Cardano cannot be bought at or Bison . In our comparison of the Cardano providers, eToro was able to prevail because it offers investors the best overall package . Coinbase Binance bison Comdirect eToro
Cardano available ý ü ü ý ý ü
fees 0.5% 1.49% 0.1% 0.75% ý 0.75%
Cardano CFDs ý ý ý ý ý ü
Social trading ý ý ý ý ý ü
Demo account ý ý ý ü ý ü

The provider eToro is our recommendation for the purchase of Cardano because it was able to prevail over Coinbase and Binance in the overall view. In terms of fees, eToro is exactly in the middle between Binance and Coinbase. At eToro, 0.75% of the investment amount is charged as a fee for the ADA purchase .

With an investment of 100 € this corresponds to 0.75 € . This value can be assessed as very low. Investors pay the lowest fees at Binance. Here the fees are 0.1% of the investment amount. Coinbase is the most expensive provider at 1.49%.

When buying ADA, it's not just the fees that play a role for us. One of the great advantages of eToro over the other providers is that Cardano CFDs can also be traded at eToro . This type of investment is particularly suitable for active traders because it is often more attractive from a tax point of view.

With a CFD, investors can speculate on the price of ADA without having to buy “real” coins . The capital gains are taxed at a flat rate with capital gains tax. When trading with “real” Cardano, the capital gains are taxed at the personal income tax rate if the holding period is less than one year. For many, this is above the 25% capital gains tax . Of course, real ADAs can also be bought on eToro.

The broker thus combines the best of both worlds and offers every type of investor the right form of investment.

EToro can also assert itself against the competition in the area of functions. While there is no demo account at Binance and Coinbase, eToro can score with an excellent demo account . A demo account offers investors the opportunity to gain valuable experience without risk before investing real money.

In addition to the demo account, we were also impressed by the function of CopyTrading at eToro. With this provider, investors can automatically copy the strategies of successful traders and benefit from their expertise. Since Cardano is also regularly subject to large fluctuations, experienced traders can benefit from the price movements. With CopyTrading, investors can automatically copy these traders and therefore no longer have to worry about trading themselves. Neither Binance nor Coinbase offer this functionality.

For us , eToro offers the best overall package . The provider is in the midfield in terms of fees, but offers users significantly more useful functions than the other providers. Investors should therefore buy Cardano from eToro.

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

What are the fees for buying Cardano?

To make the fees for the Cardano purchase comparable, let's take the following example:

  • We want to buy Cardano worth € 1,000
  • We would like to hold the Cardano for a month and then pay it back to our account in euros
  • For the sake of simplicity we assume that the course does not change in the 30 days

With these assumptions we now go through the fees of the largest providers:

providers etoro coinbase Plus500
Deposit for free 3.99% for free
Purchase fees 2.9% 1.49% 3.08% *
Holding fees for free for free 0.05% *
Sales charges 2.9% 1.49% 3.08% *
Payout 5 USD $ 0.15 1.9%
Total fees € 62.16 € 68.24 € 92.32


The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

Cardano wallets: which wallets are useful for storage after purchase?

How about, do you need a Cardano wallet ? Because with cryptos it is often the case that they are kept in such digital wallets and shop with them.

Without an electronic wallet, you will not be able to manage, send or receive the cryptic values. So if you want to buy or ship with Cardano, you can't avoid a wallet.

Since many criteria must be observed that are beyond the scope of this article, here is the link to the wallet comparison :TO THE BIG CARDANO WALLET COMPARISON

The crypto investing is carried out by eToro (Europe) Ltd. and the custody is carried out by eToro Germany GmbH. Your capital is at risk.

By the way: Our test winner eToro Broker offers an integrated wallet so that beginners can rely on it for the time being. If the investment sums increase later, we recommend a hardware or software wallet.

Historical Cardano Courses: Important milestones in the history of Cardano

The cryptocurrency has already had a few highs and lows. We show the most important milestones in the history of Cardano.

Historic Cardano price

  1. By publishing the core concepts such as previous operations, interoperability and sustainability, Cardano made its first jump after publication from 2 to 10 cents in November 2017.
  2. From December 2017 to January 2018, the Cardano rate rose from 10 cents to an astronomical € 1.10, which is over 1000% ! The basis here is the publication of the stake of proof problem with the simultaneous aim of eliminating it. The mass suitability & the possible replacement of the previous FIAT currencies allow this unbelievable increase to occur. After a short time, however, the market noticed that the implementation in the market was taking longer and so the shares were sold to just under the value of November 2017.
  3. In April 2018, Cardano announced that they had cracked the Proof of Stake algorithm, which was considered to be one of the biggest problems facing blockchain technology. The rate rose by almost 250% to 29 cents.
  4. Due to the publication of the Stake of Proof algorithm, the Cardano price jumped again briefly from 10 to 13 cents.
  5. Georgia and Hong Kong were negotiating the implementation of Cardano, which has enabled Cardano to increase in the longer term. Unfortunately, these efforts were not rewarded in the end. The Cardano rate rose by 3 cents from March to July 2019, after which, however, it adjusted back to the previous value.
  6. For more than 2 years now, a huge team of developers has been working on the Byrant Reboot Code, which can significantly improve stability and decentralization. The stake pools could also be increased to over 1,000 in this way. Now the publication of (in his own words) “Cardano's proudest work” is about to be released, which shows a steady increase in Cardano. The value of Cardano increased sixfold from March to August 2020.

Buying Cardano Stock: Another way to invest in Cardano

Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies , more and more investors want to invest in this area. Cardano is a particularly exciting project because it is viewed as an upgrade from Ethereum and is viewed by many analysts as one of the best projects in the crypto space.

However, because many investors do not want to register with a crypto exchange and deal with complicated wallets, many are wondering whether there is another way to invest in Cardano.

Unfortunately, there is currently no share or ETF that investors can use to invest in Cardano directly . However, there are some companies that are involved in the cryptocurrency space. By investing in these companies, investors can participate indirectly in the developments of the crypto market without having to invest in it directly.

Coinbase logo

One of these companies is Coinbase . The company operates one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world and went public in April 2021.

The company generates its income through a fee that is charged for every transaction on the platform.

As the volume of transactions grows, so does the company's earnings. Coinbase therefore offers investors a good opportunity to invest indirectly in the cryptocurrency market.

There are also other companies that invest in the crypto sector. The company Global Blockchain Technologies can also be mentioned here, for example . This is a company that invests in various projects in this area and whose shares are traded on the stock exchange.

The best way to invest in Cardano is still to buy this cryptocurrency directly. With a provider such as eToro, the buying process is now also very easy. Our recommendation is therefore to buy Cardano via eToro .

Alternatives to Cardano: buy other cryptocurrencies or stocks

In various forums people like to discuss how to buy Cardano shares. Such interested dealers are a little ahead of their time.

Because in order to be able to participate in the performance of the Berlin cryptocurrency, you have to be content with tokens up to now .

However, it is not said that one should not be given the opportunity to buy Cardano  shares in the future . In this respect, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open, because the latest Cardano news could announce completely new investment opportunities. In order to always be kept up to date, it is worth taking a regular detour to the news crypto scene .

Alternative 1: Cardano government bonds

Another option would be to buy government bonds. Since states have concluded agreements with Cardano in different states, this could also have a positive effect on the country if Cardano breaks through. There are a number of countries that work closely with Cardano. These include countries such as Georgia and Hong Kong that may want to implement Cardano as a currency or such as Ethiopia which use Cardano's blockchain in agricultural technology.

  • Hong Kong government bond: ISIN: XS1819587665 WKN: A194ZF
  • Georgia government bond:  ISIN: GETC28118049 WKN: A2R9JN
  • Ethiopia government bond: ISIN: XS1151974877 WKN: A1ZTP

Alternative 2: Opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies

Otherwise there are also other cryptocurrencies that have potential :

  • Buy Bitcoin : The top dog among cryptocurrencies is seen by many as the “digital gold” and one of the most stable cryptos.
  • Buy Ripple : With the support of many banks, Ripple is a good alternative to Cardano
  • Buy Ethereum : Ethereum is the solution for smart contracts and, in the broadest sense, follows an approach similar to Cardano

Alternative 3: crypto stocks

Another alternative are crypto stocks: chip manufacturers, mining companies and even the Bitcoin Group have so far posted strong profits.

  • Bitcoin stocks : If you think that Bitcoin will outperform Cardano, Bitcoin stocks are a good alternative
  • NVIDIA stocks : NVIDIA manufactures important graphics chips especially for mining – if the crypto boom continues, NVIDIA is certainly a good investment

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