Draft Dashboard – An Honest Review & Breakdown

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Many people that love playing daily fantasy sports absolutely loathe how time-consuming it is to prepare for the actual playing properly. For this reason, a tool that holds the ability to do all the heavy lifting would be an incredibly beneficial addition to your daily fantasy sports regime. This tool has already been created and is a DFS research tool called Draft Dashboard.

This Draft Dashboard is already being used to cut the preparation time for your daily fantasy sports by gathering and conducting research player statistics. As a result, you’re provided with the ability to concentrate on picking excellent lineups and even multiple lineups.

Table of Contents  

  • What Is Draft Dashboard?
  • What Do You Gain When Purchasing
  • Draft Dashboard?
  • Tool Suite
  • Usability
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • What Is There to Love About Draft Dashboard?
  • What Should You Consider About the Overall Functionality of Draft Dashboard?
  • Is Draft Dashboard the Right Tool for You?
  • What Is Draft Dashboard Equipped to Support?
  • What If You’re Looking for A Tool That Supports More Sports?
  • What Makes Draft Dashboard an Excellent Option?
  • What Integration Does Draft Dashboard Offer?
  • What Are the Costs and Promotional Offers?
  • Draft Dashboard Coupons, Promo Codes, and Other Promotions
  • What Are the Benefits of Using Draft Dashboard?
  • Simplified Lineup Creation
  • Rapid Identification of the Best Players for Each Slate of Games
  • Aids in Filling Critical Roles Within Your Specific Roster
  • Analyze Team-Specific Stats for Any Upcoming Match-Up
  • Identifying the Top Value Plays
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the Dashboard Daily Fantasy Optimizer Interface Legit?
  • Conclusion

What is Draft Dashboard?

 Draft Dashboard is classified as a DFS research tool or DFS lineup optimizer that's equipped to compile your player data and trends to establish and provide you with exceptionally accurate player projections. The functionality of Draft Dashboard takes these accurate player projections and integrates this information into a versatile and effective lineup optimization tool. This is how it create winning lineups.

DFS research tools, such as Draft Dashboard, have the functionality to streamline your specific player research. This is done by organizing as well as prioritizing the player information that's deemed as being the most actionable, specifically, for you. Due to the majority of the analysis being completed by the Draft Dashboard, you're able to place more emphasis on configuring high-quality lineups every week.

With all of the features incorporated into Draft Dashboard, you're given the opportunity of applying a straightforward yet smart-styled presentation to your tools. This application creates a wide array of well-researched and productive DFS lineups that are enjoyable and intuitive. The Draft Dashboard price point is quite good

What Do You Gain When Purchasing Draft Dashboard?

There are a variety of benefits available to users when purchasing and incorporating Draft Dashboard into their system. Here are some of the most common benefits that are thoroughly enjoyed by those who are already using Draft Dashboard:

Tool Suite

 Draft Dashboard provides various innovative features and useful tools that are designed to improve the success of your DFS.


Draft Dashboard is designed with a unique color-coding rating system. This makes it easier to identify value plays and increases the usability of the tool.


The tool is equipped with the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze your specific data to help make your lineup creation more accurate and effective.


The cost associated with using Draft Dashboard includes a $1 intro rate and support for three of the major sports. This makes trying out these services incredibly low-effective and convenient.

What is There to Love About Draft Dashboard?

  • Your lineup decisions are simplified with the inclusion of player comparison and researching tools.
  • You can quickly identify high-value and low-value players with the color-coded player systems.
  • You’re provided with the ability to stay under the salary cap while rapidly adjusting your optimized lineups.
  • The inclusion of the Sleepers Tool features makes it straightforward and effortless to locate low-risk and high-rewarding players.

What Should You Consider About the Overall Functionality of Draft Dashboard? 

  • The system doesn’t incorporate lineup advice from an actual human into the design of the tool.
  • The cost of the tool’s monthly subscription is priced at a premium. However, there are get referral benefits.

Is Draft Dashboard the Right Tool for You?

Before purchasing any type of DFS software, it's imperative that you understand that this tool doesn't hold the ability to make you a successful DFS player overnight. The effective design of a DFS tool should provide you with relevant projections and actionable metrics to offer you the ability to construct lineups easily.

 Nonetheless, Draft Dashboard is equipped to provide exceptional value to any DFS player. Thus, it doesn't matter how much you play. You’re likely to find that the Draft Dashboard works great for your needs. To provide you with the best outcomes, we also suggest that you sign-up with a bookie.

An excellent feature is that DraftKings is incorporated into the Draft Dashboard system. Otherwise, you can sign-up with Mybookie.ag. Both options set accurate odds, accepts, along with places bets and pays out winnings for added convenience.

What is Draft Dashboard Equipped to Support?

Currently, Draft Dashboard is equipped to build endless lineups for the most common and popular sports throughout the US. These include:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Hockey League
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Football League

Sadly, if you’d like to place your bets through playing Fantasy Football, Soccer or Tennis, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. You can create amazing fantasy lineups with DFS tools. They are also useful in configuring quality lineups. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered down below with a great option.

You can compete with multi-sport DFS players by viewing an aesthetically pleasing dashboard with just a few clicks. The optimized lineup will get you amazing profits by analyzing the game-specific metrics.

What if You’re Looking for A Tool That Supports More Sports?

There is an alternative option if you're looking to purchase a DFS tool that's equipped to support additional sports. This option is known as DFS Army and can offer support for the sports mentioned above, along with MMA, NASCAR, PGA, eSports, and many more.

What Makes Draft Dashboard an Excellent Option?

The UI that Draft Dashboard is equipped with is consistent across all sports. Due to this, you don’t need to re-learn the tools and settings when you decide to switch from sport to sport. The majority of users make use of the Draft Dashboard NFL and Draft Dashboard NBA interface. Nonetheless, the support provided for the other sports interface options is also known to be effective.

What Integration does Draft Dashboard Offer?  

Draft Dashboard is equipped with FanDuel and DraftKings integration. These are the two largest DFS hosts, which makes this integration incredibly advantageous. However, you're going to need to purchase a different tool if you use FantasyDraft, FanPicks, or Yahoo as this integration isn't compatible with these platforms.

Realistically speaking, FanDuel and DraftKings are seen to own the majority of the market. As a result of this, the mechanisms and structure of the Draft Dashboard should be sufficient for the majority of DFS players.

The lineup optimizer gives you the ability for generating multiple lineups and you can also save multiple lineups. 

What are the Costs and Promotional Offers?

There's no doubt that subscription fees can eat into your DFS profits. Due to this, it only seems right to find and purchase an affordable tool that provides you with a good amount of time to experiment and get familiar with the software.

Draft Dashboard offers customers the ability to try out the software for 30 days for only $1. This provides you with plenty of time to learn and familiarize yourself with the software and apply it to your contests to make sure that it's creating positive returns.

Draft Dashboard Coupons, Promo Codes, and Other Promotions

Along with the $1 subscription promotion, Draft Dashboard doesn't offer special discounts or deals for multi-month packages. Nonetheless, there is a referral program that can aid in your recouping your subscription fees. You get 50 percent off your monthly payments for a lifetime when you refer someone to Draft Dashboard.

This discount only lasts for as long as these referral members maintain their membership. There isn’t any cap on how many referrals you can make with Draft Dashboard. Thus, you can essentially be making money for promoting Draft Dashboard.

What are the Benefits of Using Draft Dashboard?

The tools offered within Draft Dashboard help to build lineups in an intuitive yet rapid manner. The proprietary software offered by Draft Dashboard aids in analyzing the slates on a weekly basis. This analysis is available for player-specific statistics, along with high-level team-level metrics. Here are some noticeable benefits offered from using Draft Dashboard:

Simplified DFS Lineup Optimizer

Draft Dashboard provides several productive tools to streamline your complete player analysis. This allows you to build more lineups for participation in more contests.

Rapid Identification of the Best Players for Each Slate of Games

Draft Dashboard is designed to suggest starting with the Top Players for each respective week. The Draft Dashboard interface identifies the top weekly players based on the player’s Dash Rank.

Players with the closest Dash Rank to 100 are generally known to generate the highest fantasy point output. You're provided this information from the algorithm utilizes a variety of critical factors. These factors include scoring history and player match-ups.

Aids in Filling Critical Roles Within Your Specific Roster

The Position Optimizer is very similar to the Top Players feature. However, the functionality of the Position Optimizer is position-specific, whereas the Top Players feature isn’t.

This is an incredibly useful interface if you're looking to fill your final roster spot and wish to identify a player that's equipped with the lowest salary while offering the highest potential. In addition to this, the color-coding scheme aids in identifying a specific player's potential while looking at the strength of the player's opponent.

Analyze Team-Specific Stats for Any Upcoming Match-Up

Draft Dashboard offers a Browse Teams functionality. This lets you conduct team-specific research for your specific target slate of games. Here are some of the metrics provided in this interface: 

  • Player Salaries
  • Vegas spreads/odds
  • Player Rankings
  • Key Injuries
  • Depth Charts

Conducting research with the Browse Teams feature can be an excellent starting point for your weekly research. This is because it aids in determining the level of scoring you can expect. In addition to this, the Browse Teams functionality offers insight into how the rankings were selected, which is something that other tools don't provide.

Identifying the Top Value Plays

Winning at DFS involves being able to become apt at identifying sleepers. Draft Dashboard offers a Sleepers and Studs tool that is designed to make it more straightforward to find value plays. This interface highlights players with low salaries and high Dash Rank while still considering the player's upcoming opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the Dashboard Daily Fantasy Optimizer Interface Legit?

Yes, the Dashboard Daily Fantasy Optimizer is legitimate. The reason that may believe that this isn’t legit is because the software offers advanced and optimized elements. Not to mention, the company provides customers with a one-month trial period for $1. However, all of these features aren’t too good to be true because this well-established company with a loyal and strong customer base provides it.

How Much Does Draft Dashboard Cost?

The creators at Draft Dashboard have provided potential customers with the ability to try out the software tool for only $1 for an entire month. After this, you can refer other customers to take up a membership with Draft Dashboard to receive 50 percent off your monthly subscription fee for each referral made.


 “I have been able to dedicate more of my time to actually playing rather than planning how I’m going to play. If that isn’t great, my performance has skyrocketed. Draft Dashboard works like a charm and anyone who says otherwise isn’t using it properly!”

 “I was a skeptic at first but the $1 trail fee was too good to pass up. I’m so glad I tried it out because my performance has never been so good, my time-management has never been so effective, and my friends have never been so jealous! I recommend Draft Dashboard to anyone and everyone!” –


Draft Dashboard comes at a fair price point when you compare the tool to other DFS software packages. It’s designed with effective research and optimization features that make it on par with similar software tools available on the market today. The whole idea of sports betting is to identify valuable players through research and optimization tools, summary stats and earn fantasy points.

 Making use of Draft Dashboard is exceptionally beneficial if you're entering DFS contests for various sports. This is because Draft Dashboard offers this functionality for a lot cheaper than other DFS software tools with similar features.

 After looking through the Draft Dashboard reviews on the internet, you're going to be met with a majority of positive reviews. Nonetheless, it isn't uncommon to come across one or two negative reviews of customers complaining about the tool not working as they wanted it to. This is to be expected as not every DFS player is guaranteed a successful outcome. In order for there to be winners, there also needs to be losers.

 Nonetheless, the software provided by Draft Dashboard does offer exceptional benefits. Thus, making the tool, along with the company, legitimate and trustworthy. The company has been around since 2015 and has been helping DFS players receive greatness ever since. For this reason, Draft Dashboard comes recommended with a final rating of 4.8/5.

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