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MyBookie is one of the most respected and long-standing real money online sportsbooks betting sites around. We're going to look at what makes it so great and give our own verdict as to the site's quality. We're going to create a MyBookie review to do that and show you how different it is from other best betting sites.

You have many different online sportsbook betting options both on the site and the mobile betting platform. This includes live bet options as well as betting on upcoming sports matches. The platform also has horse racing, live betting, and casino betting options on top of the sportsbook options.

We're going to be looking at our MyBookie review through a few different criteria, including betting options, customer service, first deposit and sign up bonus, the overall online sportsbook MyBookie experience, a brief look at the casino games offered on the site, and more.

Table of Content

  • Overview
  •  Betting Options
  •  Customer Assistance
  •  Deposits, Sign Up, and Financial Options
  • Overall Experience
  • Casino
  • Summary
  • FAQs

An Overview of MyBookie AG

MyBookie is relatively new to the offshore sportsbook bookmaker's scene. It was set up in 2014 and has since gone on to become the bookie of choice for a lot of players all over America. Both for live betting and regular betting. The MyBookie Sportsbook servers are located in Canadian Indian territory, but the company itself is located in Costa Rica. In terms of staff, many of the MyBookie team have long-standing histories in the offshore sportsbook betting and live betting industry.

This experience shines through when you navigate the site. It's incredibly well put together, which is particularly impressive given it's only been in operation for a handful of years. You can open betting lines option in the Sportsbook section to find the preferred event. There are some industry-standard betting lines also.

MyBookie Sports Betting Options

Disappointingly, MyBookie leaves a to be desired when it comes to betting options. It covers all of the basic options required by the average better but lacks specific sportsbook niche areas. It does have live sports betting, though, which is a nice touch. Your sportsbook different sports betting options on MyBookie AG include:   

  • NFL Betting Odds 
  • Basketball   
  • College Football    
  • Golf    
  • Tennis    
  • Baseball    
  • Hockey    
  • Combat Sports Betting    
  • Motor Sports Betting    
  • Horse Racing
  • Live Sports Betting 

The site is vying for an American market with these options, but it misses on quite a few notable European sportsbook betting categories for sports fans. There's a lack of niche foreign, which is noticeable. In particular, We feel like implementing these would help  MyBookie compete with the larger sportsbook bookmakers that have already begun to embrace global markets.

When it comes to the categories it does have, though, your options are fairly comprehensive, both with live sports betting and regular betting. There are multiple subcategories for each sport type, so you're unlikely to miss an event with the MyBookie sportsbook.

MyBookie AG Customer Service

As any good online bookies should, MyBookie offers a 24/7 customer support service available to its users. You can contact this customer service support in many different ways, including live chat, email, and phone support regarding different queries like opening your MyBookie account.  Having around-the-clock customer service is a must in our opinion. There are so many random things that can go wrong at any point when betting with computers, so being able to resolve that immediately is invaluable.

Constant support is important, but so too is the quality of that support. In this area, the online sports betting industry lies somewhere in no man's land. The quality of a customer service representative always varies from staff member to staff member, and that's no different here.

That being said, where the customer service lacks isn't the fault of the staff. We've never had an incident where a representative was rude or unhelpful. It's more a case of new staff members still learning the ropes of the job. The quality of the MyBookie customer service has steadily gotten better over the last few years, which is a very positive sign of where the company is going in the future.

The implementation of live chat alone is a massive green flag when determining the quality of an online sportsbooks site.  You can contact the customer service team about any sportsbook issues on the phone number: 844 866 bets 2387. Alternatively, you can access the MyBookie live chat from the website.

First Deposit and Signup Bonus

One of the most important aspects of a sports betting site is an account of financial functionality. That's to say, sports betting limits, a rollover requirement, free play options, toll-free deposits, maximum deposit, deposit methods, reasonable minimum deposit amounts, and more.

When it comes to depositing methods, a lot of smaller bookies fall flat. This is typically the result of either not accepting some of the more popular options out there or accepting too many that the legitimacy of the site gets called into question. Before placing any bets, you have to check that is there any links advertising gambling sites. You also must be aware of online gambling regulations.

MyBookie passes with flying colors with deposit methods. It accepts the standard MasterCard and VISA, as well as maintaining a high acceptance rate on credit card deposits. Keep in mind that the site doesn't accept 100% of credit card deposits, though.

More notably, though, MyBookie accepts a limited amount of Cryptocurrency deposits. Particularly, it accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This always earns online bookies bonus points. A lot of people want to keep gambling transactions out of their bank statements, and Crytpo gives them a way to do that, so if an online betting app facilitates that, then great.

Alternatively, you can deposit money using Person2Person. MyBookie covers fees using this method if you decide to deposit $300 or more in one transfer. MyBookie also doesn't have a maximum deposit limit for most players on its site, and the minimum deposit is reasonably low across the board. Although, you may have a maximum deposit depending on what method you're using. The minimum deposit also varies from method to method.

Withdrawal Options for MyBookie Account

MyBookie AG gives you the option of four different payout methods. You can withdraw with Bitcoin, Person2Person, eChecks, and bank wire. Each of the four options treats payouts a little bit differently, with some clearly being better than others. Bitcoin payouts are the most advantageous of the four. It has the lowest payout processing time of up to two days, toll-free withdrawal, and the highest max withdrawal limit of $10,000.

Person2Person can take anywhere from between three and five days to clear a withdrawal request. It also has a fee attached to it. Depending on how much you withdraw, this fee can cost you upwards of $160. It has a low withdrawal limit of $500. eChecks and the bank wire operate more or less the same. Both take five to seven days to process, have a maximum withdrawal of $5000, and have fees.

The maximum fee you can incur for an eCheck is $100; that number goes to $160 for bank wires. The payout times across the board are pretty standard, with the exception of the ultra-fast Bitcoin options. Players report their Bitcoin withdrawals processing within 24 hours of them requesting it. The rest of the factors, including limits and fees, are pretty standard. There's nothing bad there, but there's nothing too exceptional, either.

Betting Bonuses

MyBookie AG has a large number of online sports betting, online casino games, and sign up bonus options. It also has a handful of deposit bonus offers. Its offers change periodically, but typically you're going to find that your sign up bonus welcomes include a 50% sports betting bonus, a lower percentage cash bonus, and a higher percentage casino bonus.

The signup bonuses on offer are pretty industry standard, but what isn't standard is the MyBookie rollover requirements. Most online bookie sites operate with a 15x policy, but MyBookie operates a 10x rollover policy. This is a fantastic decision on behalf of the MyBookie management team. A decrease in rollover of 33% makes a massive difference when it comes to how much of those bonuses you actually get to withdraw, as well as when you actually get to withdraw your winnings.

As well as the welcome bonuses, there are a number of other MyBookie offers available for existing customers, including reloading bonus offers and deposit bonuses. MyBookie also offers weekly casino bonuses. Depending on the time of the week, you can take advantage of a reload bonus, free spins, pick em bonuses, raffle bonuses, and general casino bonuses. Existing casino players can benefit from many different bonuses including free spin Wednesdays.

MyBookie Loyalty Program

On top of the bonus offers mentioned above, MyBookie mobile sportsbook is one of those few online sportsbooks that offers a loyalty program that you can take advantage of. The system is separated into a level and points system. It's a simple process. The more you bet on sports, the more bonus points you earn.

The more bonus points you earn, the faster you level up. The higher your level, the more bonus points you earn. It's set up to reward regular players as opposed to those with a higher win rate.  The points that you earn can be used to redeem a number of different bonus items, including TVs, game consoles, and mobile phones.

Bonus Footnote

It's worth mentioning that the deposit and reload bonuses are not automatically credited to your account. You have to contact the 24 hours a day 7 day weeks customer service team to get them to give you a bonus. This isn't anything more than an inconvenience, but it can trip up newer players.

This is included in the terms and conditions, so make sure you give them a glance before you make your initial deposit and bet. Besides that, you can get a free play bonus and a welcome bonus through both MyBookie mobile site and web.


As well as the bonuses on offer, MyBookie website runs regular bonus contests for its members based on the current sports season. These contests typically have large prize pools but require a $100 entry fee. You can win enormous figures in contests like video poker games that are available on gambling site.

The format of the contests can change but is usually based on a prediction points-based system. You predict the outcome of the various matches in the season and get awarded points based on the accuracy of your prediction.

Overall Betting Experience

While having a good customer service network and bonuses is nice, what ultimately determines an online bookies worth is the overall online betting experience. There are a lot of moving parts that go into this area of the site, so we're going to break it down into smaller subcategories.

User Interface

The user interface of a bookie website needs to be good for the site to be worth using. Ironically, it's also an area that a lot of online bookies, big and small, really struggle with. The complexity of betting, including different bet options and odds, does not lend itself to a very friendly interface. However, MyBookie does the best with what it has in this regard.

Everything is sleek and laid out well. There's no jumble of information that all looks identical to the thing beside it. Importantly, it doesn't overload you with information when you're looking to make a bet.

MyBookie has actually upgraded its UI a number of different times over the last few years, and each upgrade has been better than the version to come before it. The frontend and backend software is some of the best we've ever seen for a betting site, which is saying something considering the juggernauts that MyBookie is competing against in the industry.

The site has a clean color scheme and responsive links that make general navigation a breeze. Everything is where you would expect it to be, so you should never struggle to try and find a particular area of the site. This comes packaged with some exceptionally low load times regardless of broadband speed, making everything about the site flow seamlessly together.

MyBookie Features

One thing in particular that we have to highlight is the MyBookie online sportsbook search system. MyBookie actually removed this feature from one of its earlier firmware versions but added it back due to popular demand. It acts like any other search system you've used. When you apply that to betting, though, that becomes invaluable.  With so many matches being played in so many featured games every day, being able to quickly find what you're looking for is a life-altering feature.

On a lesser note, MyBookie also has a dark mode option implemented. This is a quality of life feature that more bookies should follow suit in using. It operates similar to the dark mode used by sites like Twitter and offers a color palette that is easier on the eyes in low-light environments.

Mobile App

Like any good betting software, MyBookie AG also has a mobile app. The MyBookie mobile betting experience is arguably more important than the experience of the site, as is the case with any offshore betting choice.

Thankfully, the app more than lives up to the quality of the site itself. The development team at MyBookie did a phenomenal job when it comes to creating the app. It operates as seamlessly as the site, with great navigation layouts and load times.

The user interface of a lot of betting apps tends to miss the mark. MyBookie does not. Everything is clearly laid out and easy to interpret, and none of the buttons are oddly placed or sized. It's one of the better betting apps we've ever used, and we've used it a lot. It's available on Android or iOS, so you're not blocked by device type, either.

The MyBookie Casino Games

MyBookie is more of a betting app than an online casino games platform. It offers casino fans more in the way of live odds sports betting than playing casino games.

That being said, there are still online gambling options there for you to use.  Despite being a primarily betting site, MyBookie has a large number of Vegas-style casino games for its user to play. This includes the usual type of games like different blackjack variants and video poker, as well as a vast number of different individual slot-based games.

It's not as comprehensive as some of the bigger casinos betting sites out there, but it is a nice addition to spruce up your betting gameplay.

MyBookie Casino Experience

Like the betting side of the site, the casino features a clean user interface that is easy to use. The games are all laid out in a simple-to-read menu, although it can be hard to find a specific game if you have a single one in mind. You can choose games like American and European roulette.

The casino gaming options are all very well made and responsive. Even the games of lesser quality are fun to play. MyBookie isn't going to be your go-to casino platform, but it is very usable on a semi-regular basis.

What We Like about MyBookie

There's a lot to like about the MyBookie platform. It's incredibly well made, more so than a lot of the other betting platforms trying to compete with the giants like SkyBet. Its user interface is one of the best we've ever seen. Everything is easy to read and recognize, which makes placing bets a breeze and it provides the best online sportsbooks.

The all-day 7 days a week customer support is a critical feature that MyBookie implements very well. All of the service staff are friendly and pleasant to interact with, even if some of them are yet to be fully trained in the role that they hold.

Over its last few years of operation, MyBookie has come on leaps and bounds in terms of quality. It actively seeks to please its clients, as is evident by the return of the search feature. Each firmware update only benefits the site, and we've yet to experience a situation where an update actively took away from the 2020 MyBookie experience.

The MyBookie mobile platform is also phenomenal, both for the live casino and the sportsbook. If you're in the market for an alternative betting choice, MyBookie is one of the best legit options out there.

What We Don't Like About MyBookie

Surprisingly, there's very little that we don't like about MyBookie. Everything that needs to be there is, and all of its features work incredibly well. Our biggest complaint has to do with the different online sportsbooks that you can bet on. It's clearly aimed at an American audience and lacks a lot of popular foreign games.

That being said, it has implemented a significantly larger amount of niche options to bet on, including eSports and rugby. The casino table games stand to be upgraded, as well. That's nothing more than a nitpick, though. Other than that, we really have no complaints about the MyBookie platform.

Final Word

MyBookie is one of the best sportsbook and casino online sites available today. The banking options and bonuses are phenomenal, and there are regular promo codes being updated. We update the promo code options weekly, so keep an eye on this space to nab yourself some fantastic offers.

That concludes our MyBookie sportsbook review. MyBookie is a phenomenal betting option that comes with great bonuses and promo code options. Everything together earns MyBookie a 4.9/5.


Is MyBookie Legit?

Yes, MyBookie is a completely legit online betting app.

Does MyBookie Have a Casino?

MyBookie has an online casino as well as betting.

Is MyBookie Worth Using?

We think so. MyBookie is one of the best online betting apps that we've ever used.

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