Top 3 US Money Transfers

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International and domestic

Worldwide, including the UK, Canada, and Australia.
It can be difficult to transfer money internationally from or to the United States.

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You have many options for transferring money to the US.

These two require a bank account, while the third does not.

You can also use third-party services or money transfer apps that work with your bank account. These services include Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. These platforms are quite efficient for international transfers. They often use Apps on their smartphone to simplify things.

  1. ACH Transfers
  2. Wire Transfers
  3. Money Order

You can also find some apps that are an excellent alternative. Your smartphone.

1. ACH Transfers (Automatic Clearing House).

You can send money to friends or family members with ACH credit transfers through you linked bank account. (ACH debit transfers can be used to pay recurring bills or for employers to deposit salaries. These bank-to-bank transfers can take up to 2 days (2-4 days) to complete.

You can transfer money free of charge if you and your recipient both have accounts with the same bank.

If you and your recipient are both customers of different banks you will be charged a small fee (between $2-$5 USD).

ACH credit transfers, which are best for smaller amounts depending on your transfer limits, are typically slower and more affordable. __S.30__

2. Wire transfers

Wire transfers are great for sending money to the US urgently or to sending a larger amount ($7000 USD)

Wire transfers can be completed in several hours, if not immediately. However, they are more costly as both sending and receiving banks charge fees of between $15-$30 USD. b>Wire transfers are usually completed in a few hours (if not instantly), but they're also more expensive (both sending and receiving banks charge fees between $15-$30 USD for wire transfers).

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3. Money Order

You can send money to someone who doesn't have a checking or savings account. This is safer than sending cash by mail.

Money orders cost $1-$2 USD. They can be purchased at gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, or Walmart.

Money Orders can be used to send smaller amounts (up to $1000 USD per order).


Zelle is an instant payment settlement service that many US banks (over 100) have integrated with their mobile apps. It is an efficient cash app for individuals who are seeking ways to send money and receive money online.

Zelle allows you to instantly transfer money between accounts and send money to family members or friends for no cost. Zelle does not charge any fees but participating banks might charge a convenience fee. The platform offers its clients to send money to a bank account through debit card or credit unions to the cash pickup location.

Venmo is one of the most popular mobile payment options in the US. Venmo allows you to send money instantly to other Venmo users. The money transfer app Venmo works well for small transfers (the weekly limit is $2500 USD).

PayPal to PayPal transfers in the US is free if you're funding the transfer from your PayPal balance or your bank account. Your card issuer will charge a convenience fee of 2.9% on the total amount if you fund it with a card. PayPal can be used for smaller or larger transfers. The maximum amount that you can send via PayPal is $10,000 USD.

You can register your Paypal account with your mobile phone number and linked debit card.

Other than the above conditions, it does not charge an extra fee. These are some smart apps that have advanced fraud detection technology.

International transfers

You can generally send money to the US easily, but if you're a US resident, you will need to use a service that allows you to send money abroad. Register in the state you live in.

However, that's not all.

For international money transfers, we have found that the best services for larger amounts (above $7000 USD) are those where the percentage fees drop as the amount increases. To ensure the smooth running of your funds, they must also offer outstanding telephone support.

The sender or receiver must have access to the platform through the bank or credit union. You can send money online through your bank account at minimum transfer fees and exchange rates through our suggested money transfer apps.

Service for larger amounts: Speed, cost, and most importantly, cost!

Last but not the least, we address safety and security.

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  • Sending Cash Below $300
  • Best Below $7000
  • Best Above $7000

Country Notes (to or from these countries).

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • India

Important Factors

  1. Costs
  2. Service
  3. Speed
  4. Safety and Security

Send cash below $300

Most people require cash to send money to family or friends back home.

Be aware of the fees!

Remitters such as Western Union and MoneyGram were your only options for decades.

Average costs have been about 8%, but they can rise due to lack of competition or because cash is needed to pay for the extra.

However, things are rapidly changing.

In many countries the post office or a Western Union window was the only place where money could be picked up, now innovative services like WorldRemit (review) are great alternatives while lowering fees and enabling the sender and receiver to use their mobile phone to send money and be notified when it has arrived.

They also offer a “3Free” promotion, which grants you three free transfers. For more information, please see the review.

Best below $7000

If all your amounts are below about $7000 USD and you can transfer from bank to bank we found that services like TransferWise are going to be hard to beat.

Another great contender is XE who is North American based which does have advantages if you want to speak to someone. Although they are not a P2P site, they offer a very competitive service and fees.

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Best above $7000

Companies with a turnover of more than $7000, and those that are not P2P-oriented, tend to be the most successful. There are many reasons for this:

  • As the amount increases, it becomes less expensive
  • Register upfront to get a discount on larger amounts

These services must be registered in each state where they wish to operate. There are only a few that deserve to be mentioned.

At the top of our list is OFX who has offices in North America, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.

Service Name Minimum Amount ($USD) Phone/ Online Service Locations Fees + Conditions Special Offers Transferring $5000 to Canada (see *Note) Transferring $50,000 to Canada (see *Note)
My Bank In USA None Online/ Phone/ Branch Canada, US $40 None 5,239.56* 52,395.60*
OFX $250 Online/ Phone Canada, UK, Australia, US, NZ, Hong Kong, Under $10,000 it is $15. See Offers >> No Fees when you Register here 5,424.75*


OFX Full Review

Currencies Direct – Full Review $100 Phone + Online US, UK, Europe, South Africa No fees Click to get the exchange rate TBA TBA
WorldRemit (A leader in the USA for smaller transfers back home. Allow cash pickup and many ways to fund the transfer) None Online UK, US, Australia The first 3 transfers can be a fee. See Offers >>

Click to Get the first 3 Transfers Fee Free

Excellent for smaller amounts. WorldRemit – Full Review
Wise None Online/ Phone Based online. 50+ Supported Countries Including AUS, CAN, UK and US The price depends on route (eg. AUD>USD is 0.7%) Click for very competitive rates 5,451.87*


TransferWise Full Review

XE – Full Review 0 Online US, UK, CAN A small fee for low-value transfers Fee-free transactions TBA TBA

Important Note about Rates:

These rates represent the average of the two largest comparison services in the USA.

Despite the fact that they appear to offer real-time rates, each service often offers a different rate depending upon the amount transferred. World currency markets fluctuate every tick of the clock.

The rate offered by a company will change once you register or log onto their website.

The rates are included here to show how the services are priced.Very similarThey offer a lot, but also an excellent product.Better deal than banks.

This group will have top-notch providers. This group also happens to be the largest in the industry, which is no accident.

These will transfer funds internationally much more cheaply than a bank, and they are also cheaper.

However, there are some that are better than others depending on where you want to send the money.


Because they are both regulated in the UK or the US, all services are recommended.

They work hard to keep fees as low as possible. Local bank accounts in the UK and USA. This generally means that there are no or low fees at the banks on either side.

All of the OFX and XE customers are excellent choices because they offer strong online support as well as telephone support based in North America. This can be a significant advantage for larger amounts as banks have different fees and rules that may require expertise to ensure smooth operations.

TransferWise may be a winner for smaller amounts due to its online focus and potentially lower costs.


The table shows that OFX and XE are based in Canada and have great support from North American banks and banking networks. This allows them to keep their costs down and provide excellent service.

TransferWise has an office in New York, but the service is limited to smaller amounts.


OFX, which is active in both Australia and the US, is an excellent choice for larger amounts. Since its inception in Sydney, OFX is listed on the ASX. Its mission has been to free the US of costly bank fees for many years. It is one of the best money transfer apps in Australia.

TransferWise, which offers a simple online service with no hassle and transparent fees, is an excellent choice for smaller amounts.

As the amount rises, OFX becomes more affordable and they are highly recommended due to their strengths in both countries.


WorldRemit is a good option for cash transfers to friends and family. They manage a network of cash pick-up locations in the Philippines, including BDO, Metrobank and PS Bank, Bank of Commerce, and PawnShops, as well as other Remittance Services such as Kwarta Padala counters and BDO counters.

TransferWise is the best option for small amounts.

If you need to send large amounts, OFX is hard not to beat.


TransferWise, a bank-to-bank transfer service that converts USD to Indian Rupee (INR) is a great option for smaller amounts.

Bank to bank OFX to India for larger amounts is an excellent option.

Important Factors:


1. 1.

Cost is an important motivator for most people. It is easy to see how money transfer services are winning so much business from banks.

Bottom line

TransferWise is the most affordable US company for amounts less than $7000. It also has a transparent fee policy.

It is difficult to beat OFX for amounts over $7000.

2. 2.

Aside from the cost, there are many great reasons to use a money transfer service.

This is especially important if the receiving bank holds off on payment or if something seems to be going wrong.

All three are generally top in this regard, but there are important differences that could make all the difference.

Online or by phone?

While all three services offer strong support, they are fundamentally distinct.

You may initially think they are only available for online business.

TransferWise, which is designed to handle smaller amounts, has strong phone support for those who need it.

While OFX is more focused on online transactions, their phone support can handle more complicated issues as they arise. This is because banks can operate in very different ways. Depending on how you fund the transaction, different banks may have different limits on the amount you can send. It can be extremely helpful and stress-free to deal with knowledgeable customer service representatives.

3. 3.

Transfer companies that specialize in money transfers can deliver funds within a matter of days, instead of taking up to a week. Because they allow transfers to be funded with credit or debit cards (like TransferWise), and because they have banks across multiple countries, they can quickly release funds in local currency.

SWIFT is a faster way for banks to make international payments.

4. Safety and Security

Money transfer services must be regulated in each country where they are operating. They must follow many rules to ensure that they are as safe and secure as possible.

OFX, TransferWise, and XE are all registered with FinCen in the US as well as many other countries.

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