13 Best sports betting blogs to Follow [2022]

We've rounded-up the Top 13 sports betting blogs that you should be following and take notice to step up your game.

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This article discusses the top 13 best sports betting blogs that you should be following to make more money on your sports bets.

The blogs discussed below are known to churn out expert information often regarded as the top sports betting tips out there. They say it as they see it, without any fear or favor. 

If you are tired of losing money regularly on your sports bets, you should consider changing your losing game by following some or all of these top sports betting blogs.

One example of a top sports betting tool that can help you is Zcode Scores Predictor

It uses an advanced scores prediction formula with 80+ factors, thousands of game simulations, and historical data to optimize its predictions.


The Scores Predictor is designed to help you pick a game's outcome, score and spread.

Whatever you are looking for, the blogs listed below likely have it. 

They offer things like expert tipsters current sports bets, odds calculators, sports betting strategies, value betting, bankroll management, and lots more.

One reason we find it important it round up the top sports betting blogs is because some sports betting blogs and tipsters peddle false information. 

To weed out the bad information, read our list below of the best sports betting blogs to help you make responsible betting decisions.

Top Sport Betting Blogs

Here is a list of some of the best sports betting blogs out there based on our research. We divided the list into two to make it easier to read.

Best Sports Betting Blogs 1-7

Starting with blogs 1-7 on our list of the best sports betting blog, this first half of the list features blogs covering a wide range of sports and offering a variety of information. Read on to see for yourself.

Betting Gods is known as the most reputable online sports tipster and capper networks. It is no surprise they make our list of the top sports betting blogs. They have over 600 review and a 92% rating of great or excellent.

Made up of expert sports betting tipsters who undergo extensive review to ensure a successful track record, Betting Gods provides free bettings tips every morning Monday to Saturday. 

To get them all you have to do is sign up.

Betting Gods makes our list of best sports betting blogs not just because of their team of sports betting experts, but also because they cover a huge area of sports topics. 

The sports betting tips include NHL, NBA, NCAA Football, greyhound racing, horse racing, golf, and more.

Wait, there's more. Betting Gods also makes our list as one of the best sports betting blogs because you can easily connect with 100,000+ members to talk about sports betting. 

To help visualize the expert sports tipsters winning ways, here is a screenshot from the Betting Gods website that might help:


Don't miss out on the next hot tip from the sports betting tipsters at Betting Gods. Definitely check this one out by doing the following:

1. Register for free

2. Confirm Signup

3. Receive daily sports betting tips in your email

MB UFC 1300x600 Jpg


MyBookie is a VIP online betting experience. They offer top sportsbook, live betting, casino, and racing products and services. 

With MyBookie, you can bet on anything, at any time, from anywhere. 

No matter the season or the competition you follow, get free access to fresh sports news and experience daily posts, expert updates, picks & predictions. 

Get game previews and expert predictions for popular sports leagues. The NBA, NFL, NCAA College Football, NCAA College Basketball, NHL, MLB, MMA, boxing, auto racing, golf, tennis, soccer, and horse racing.  

Plus, get the most significant events in the world of entertainment, business and politics. 

One of the reasons MyBookie is one of the best sports betting blogs is the incentives they offer. For instance, one of their promotions is to double your first deposit up to $1000 + $10 casino chips.

MyBookie easily makes it on our list of best sports betting blogs. If its odds and lines or just top sports betting tips, you can find it at MyBookie Online Sportsbook.

pinnacle sports

Pinnacle Sport makes our list of the best sports betting blogs because it is filled with tons of great information and tips about sports betting in virtually every sport.

It covers topics on everything about sports betting. 

They offer not only betting tips but also other resources to help supercharge your results, like sports psychology, sports statistics, and betting strategies from their expert guest writers in every field of sports betting. 

Pinnacle Sports is one of the best sports betting blogs out there. When it comes to the ranking of the best sports blogs, this list wouldn't be complete if we ignored Pinnacle Sports.

FiveThirtyEight is a high-quality sports blog. 

It delivers fresh content from a staff of highly qualified sports journalists. Operated by ABC News, a Disney Company, FiveThirtyEight has a very clean feel and great user experience.

Although owned by Disney and ABC, it was originally founded By Nate Silver, an American statistician and writer who analyzes baseball.

What started as  a sports prediction tool to help baseball players improve their game, it eventually turned into one of the best sports blogs out there.

In addition, Mr. Silver also wrote the book The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don't .


As a result of all his work, his sports blog 538 has become crazy popular.

Although its main focus started with sports, it now is a more general magazine that covers topics in health, science, politics, and others.

trademate sports

Trademate is the latest tool for professional sports bettors. Trademate is on our list of best sports betting blogs because it is great for both professional and casual sports bettors. 

Co-founded by a successful professional sports bettor and poker player, the Trademate Sports algorithm is inspired by his betting strategies. 

Calculating the true value of of a sports event, Trademate signals when the bookies make a mistake that you can capitalize on.

They have identified the true market leaders that the rest of the market follows and are able to use that information in their calculations.

Across several ebooks, a newsletter, and website, Trademate offers educational articles and super easy-to-follow resources about sports trading and value betting.

Their resources include live scores, key statistics, bookkeeping and result settling, odds comparison, closing odds benchmarking, and more.


Bleacher Report makes our list of the best sports blogs for its depth of coverage and quality journalism. 

BR is an online magazine covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, college football and basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports, and more.

Bleacher Report is known for its influence on sports culture, especially NFL-related news and in-depth stories about the league. 

Now owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Bleacher Report was originally founded in 2005 by four friends who wanted to write about sports and big fans of the baseball player Ken Griffey Jr.

After successfully growing the business, Turner acquired BR for $175 million. 

In 2018, BR launched a video streaming service featuring live broadcasts of several major sports events . 

The bottom line is that Bleacher Report is one of the best sports betting blogs out there.

Joseph Buchdahl is the real deal. He is an environmental scientist turned sports betting analyst. Not a classic story you hear all the time. Impressive. 

Even more impressive is that he trained as a sports bettor under Britain's most-feared horse racing gambler. 

He has spent over 20 years collecting and analyzing sports data to find an edge.

In addition to online articles about sports betting, he has written books on sports betting. His books tell his story about sports betting, tipping, gambling, and his journey to become one of the best.


4.5 / 5 on Amazon

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling

You can find some of his articles on Pinnacle. You can follow him on Twitter @12xpert

It does not matter if you are new to sports betting or an expert, everyone has something to learn from this top sports bettor.

4.3 / 5 on Amazon

Fixed Odds Sports Betting: Statistical Forecasting and Risk Management

You should also check out his website. 

It links to more than ten years of historical odds data for major European football competitions,  like the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and others. It also links to tennis data.

On the website, you can also see a link to his books and other resources related to his work. 

Best Sports Betting Blogs 8-13

Continuing with blogs 8-13 on our list of the best sports betting blog, it features blogs that maybe are not quite on your radar. Regardless, we think you'll like them, which is why they made the list. Read on to see for yourself.


This blog allows you to follow the life of a prominent Australian sports bettor, Steve. Steve is one man that has continuously shattered bookies to the extent that sports betting has become his full-time job. He lives and breathes for sports betting.

When you follow his words, you will learn everything about sports betting, from the basic terms to the more advanced aspects.

Regularly, he shares his stats, results, and awesome educational posts to ensure that his readers are enlightened. He also features some of the best guest writers in the world of sports betting.

Tired of losing money to bookies, follow him.

The same way Christians go to the church to communicate with their Supreme Being is the same way smart bettors go to The Church of Betting to come in contact with educational information and tips about sports betting. The blogger is a Bulgarian and goes by the name, Nenko.

One of the main reasons their blog makes our list of the best sports betting blogs is because it is filled with reviews of the best and most trusted betting tools and educational articles on the subject.

Using this blog tips and smart methods would definitely help you improve sports betting psychology, arbitrage betting, value betting, as well as esports betting.

Check out this latest and super relevant article about Betting in the age of COVID-19

Bet on MyBookie

Punter2Pro is run by a British fella, who spends most of his time writing reviews on betting tools on the Internet.

Apart from the comprehensive reviews, he pens down, he also has intriguing educational articles under his belt, covering topics like best tipsters, value betting, as well as practical advice on how to win different bets in each sport. 

He even talks about how you can get your money from cookies when they don't want to pay you after a win. 

Like the one before him on the list, Caan Berry blog is run by a Brit, which goes by the name of the blog of course. He also has a YouTube Channel with a similar name. Caan is an expert sports trader, whose interest is mostly on sports betting techniques on Betfair.

If you follow his Youtube Channel, there is a great chance that you will learn a lot of things you haven't even heard of when it comes to pro betting.

Though he focuses on topics linked to Betfair trading, he also reveals educational content.

This blog is run by a betting expert named Ryan.

He talks about his journey of making money via sports betting. He is known to carry out great challenges as and always coming up with new methods to make a profit

Furthermore, In his own words: ” Do you want to learn to make an income from the sports betting markets?

The aim of this blog is to enable you to do exactly that “

This blog is run by Cassini, and he is a notable Betfair sports trader. his witty writing, topic selection, keen observation and choice of words make the subject of sports betting sounds extremely exciting like adrenaline-filled adventure

When it comes to blogging about gambling, sports betting, stocks, statistics, financial markets, and lots more, this blog is the go-to blog.

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