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Here is our honest list of the best Esports Betting sites that are trusted in 2020. Play at the most trusted betting sites with generous free bonuses.  We have divided the list into 2 major categories. Cash Betting, where you can regularly place bets on the outcome of matches (Matched Betting, Under/Over, etc….), and Skin Betting which allows players to bet using the virtual items from games. if you are not familiar with skin betting please continue reading


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Before we get to talking about Esports betting, let's first figure out what Esports is. Esports, short for electronic sports, is competitive professional gaming. This industry is growing so fast that we can already see big brands like RedBull, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and many more sponsoring esports teams and events. That means only one thing – esports is showing great potential already, and there is, even more, to be explored in the future! 

What once were just some small local competitions in LAN Cafes, grew into big tournaments with millions of dollars in prize pools, along with stadiums packed with fans and followers. This has all happened within the span of a decade. That's because gaming is fun, and kids, who are the future, grow up gaming! It probably will make sense now as to why you keep hearing the word esports more and more. As the esports industry has been growing, esports has entered the game of sports betting too. Today we can see millions of dollars being bet on an annual basis by millions of esports fans from all across the world. That's how entertaining eSports is!

The esports betting market is enormous and ever growing. The estimated figures just back up how huge the market is. In 2020 so far it was estimated that $9.5 Billion was wagered on major Esports titles worldwide. There are matches played every day, there are major events with dozens of millions of dollars in prize pool, and there are over 340 Millions of Esports fans watching every major event!

Now, before you bet and put your money down on esports matches, it’s almost a requirement to get to know the games better first. This is what our detalied guide is made for! 


This guide will help you find the answer to all these questions and concerns, we are talking about betting real money, after all, so you should want to be prepared. If you still have questions or suggestions after reading our FAQ – feel free to contact us! 

Let's begin!


Esports - games to bet

Some of the most popular esports games for bettors as of november 20′:

esports popular games

CS:GO is a very easy game to understand, but extremely hard to master, which makes it  really fun to watch.  There are two sides, the terrorists and counter-terrorists, and each of them have one objective that they fight for, and that's pretty much it! Simple, right?  Well, competitive CS:GO is not that simple at all: every team has their own approach to the game and unique understanding of it, different strategies, and even mental confidence. Some teams have a more slow-paced, passive play style, while others prefer to play faster paced, explosive game. This is what makes it so fascinating! But how would we learn about all those?

We'd suggest going to and learning more about the competitive scene. HLTV is the prime example of what a coverage site should look like. It's just perfect: it has stats, news, results, schedule, videos, photos and a very big community. All information there is structured so perfectly – you can see everything without getting overwhelmed. You can get a good understanding of the current state of competitive CS:GO by looking at HLTV's team ranking. Even actual teams pay really close attention to this ranking and care about it. Head over to the Events tab to learn what's coming up, HLTV usually releases a viewer's guide prior to every major upcoming event to keep you informed on what is going on. What we are trying to say is that you CAN learn the game without actually playing it. When it comes to betting, keep in mind that CS:GO is a game where turnarounds do happen very often, which is how you can bet on crazy high odds like 4 to 1 or even higher and actually have a decent chance of winning! It’s an amazing game, to watch, play and bet on. 


The Difference between CS:GO Betting and CS:GO Gambling

The difference between CS:GO Gambling and CS:GO Betting is  simple: CS:GO Gambling is basically any Casino Game, like Crash, Coinflip, Roulette or Jackpot, some sites also offer Blackjack and Slots. CS:GO Betting is betting on the outcome of professional CS:GO matches. 

Let’s talk about Dota 2.

Dota is a much harder game to learn. One may call it “chess with almost 120 figures, every one of which has 4 or abilities, active or passive, that are unique to them”. When you first watch the game, you probably wouldn't understand what's happening on your screen. This may scare you off, or actually motivate you to learn more about the game. The game is fairly old, but still has thousands of uncovered and unknown things to be learned. If you really want to learn this game, you'd need to play it a lot. The beauty of Dota 2 betting is that even complete underdogs can absolutely destroy the best and greatest Dota 2 team in the world


Every game starts with a hero picking phase, and it’s very important for both teams to pick the right heroes that work for their strategies. It’s harder than it sounds, and as a result even the greatest teams may lose the drafting phase which will lead to a very hard game for them, no matter what team they are playing against. There has been to many mind blowing upsets in the history of Dota to not take that into consideration! Every single hero has situations where it’s strong, and situations where it’s very weak. Some heroes are weak during the early stages of the game, and get much stronger as the game progresses. Some are very strong and aggressive early game, but they start falling down quickly if they don’t manage to end the game soon enough. These are key points that we should always bear in mind. The most important thing to learn for Dota 2 betting is figuring out which heroes counter which. If you are an analytical mind, this won’t take too long to learn.

If you want to know the game better, we'd suggest checking out this Beginner's guide that does a fairly good job introducing you to the game, explaining the roles in the game and some other basics. 

As for the coverage, we'd suggest 

and News, matches and events schedules, photos, opinions, everything you would possibly need – you can find there. We’d suggest preparing for every match and checking recent stats for teams. For that, we need, the ultimate stat machine of the world of Dota 2. Heroes, win rates, match up histories, even specific player’s public game stats – you can see everything there! 


There is so much information, but how do we use it? Let’s look at an example. For betting, we will show you a little technique that we use when we bet on Dota 2. Let’s imagine that two teams are playing, let’s name one team Early, and the other – team Late. Team Late drafted a late-game oriented lineup, which means that they are very likely to lose early game, but if they don’t lose it too hard – they will eventually come back into the game and take the upper hand. Team Early, on the other hand, likes to play aggressively, they picked fast-paced heroes that are stronger in the early game. Team Early wants to end the game quickly. In a situation like this, if Team Early is an underdog – it’d be better to bet on them right at the beginning, while the odds are still high, because they are likely to decrease due to them dominating the early game. This technique may not work once or twice, but long term – it will surely pay off.. 

 Another thing you can look at in a situation like this is how badly Team Late lose early game. If they aren’t too heavily dominated after the laning stage of the game, they have a good chance of bouncing back into the game – catch the increased odds before it happened! Again, this may not work for the first time, but long term – it will surely work out for you! Dota 2 is a difficult game – always take notes and find new things to learn and improve on.

Also it's important to mention, the primary esports wiki, where you can find more specific information about games, events, teams and even player bios. This resource applies to both Dota 2 and CS:GO. 

Matches can be BO1 (best-of-one), BO3, rarely BO5 or more. BO1s are the formats that have the highest percentage of “upsets” – situations where a heavy favorite loses to a complete underdog of the match. It's just one game, after all, and anything can happen. Avoid betting on heavy favorites for BO1 matches – consider betting on underdogs, as upsets happen very often in BO1 matches.

Esports Resources to Get You Started


The Esports Betting Market can be fully segmented by product and currency. the currency choice comes down to a decision between Real-Money Betting and skin Betting (virtual items from video games). 

esports bets

Skin Betting

the term “Skins” requires a little information. Skins are basically virtual items that can be used in games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), and Dota 2. skins are any accessory that can be added into the player's inventory of items in the game such as, weapons, outfits, and changing avatars.

 In regard to the whole gaming industry CS: GO skins are the dominant currency in the skin betting market, accounting for over 88% of total wagering activity. 


Note that the skins do not improve any functionality or power in a game. The skin only changes the appearance of certain items, so skin plays a purely cosmetic role.   

CS: GO skins can be easily shifted between players. That option allows skins to act as a sort-of-currency – something like a chip in a casino. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Player “deposit” a skin at a skin betting site, for example, GamDom.
  • He then places a bet using the”deposited” skins (or with an internal currency that the player gets in exchange for their skin).
  • If he wins, he paid in additional skins, which he can “cash-out” by requesting the site to transfer skins back to the player account.

players who have skins in their Steam account can:

  • Keep the skins in their inventory.
  • Use the skins to change the appearances or weapons 
  • Trade skins with other players.
  • Sell skins on the Steam marketplace for Steam credit (not cash)
  • Transfer skins for real money on third-party sites outside of Steam.

Right now, skin gambling is far more popular than cash betting.

Match Betting

Although Esports books do have some different things to bet on which are unique to themselves the concept is completely identical to cash-based traditional online wagering, such as Sports Betting. we are able to place traditional bets, such as the winning team of player of a certain match, Over/Under options per rounds, points, and more. 

Most Esports Betting Sites offer you to make a bet even in the middle of the match, it's called live betting. This opens up new opportunities for players. You can never predict how teams will perform at a certain match if you bet before the match.  The competitive scene for both CS:GO and Dota 2 is always changing and a team that has been dominating for a year straight CAN lose to a complete underdog any day. Live betting allows you to see how the game goes first, before you make a decision.  Of course, the odds change as the game progresses, which again, opens up new opportunities for you. 

Example – Let's imagine that we are watching a CS:GO match between team A and team B. Team A is a heavy favorite of this match, and team B is an underdog. Odds are 1.23 on team A and 3.70 on team B.  We choose to wait until the game starts and watch the first 5-10 rounds and see how it goes. If you see that the underdog isn't too far behind in stats and are pulling out good numbers, and the game is somewhat even, it can be a good idea to bet on team B.

Fantasy esports

While considerably smaller than sports betting on esports matches, there is nevertheless a market for fantasy esports.

You can easily find some fantasy esports action at DraftKings.

Daily Fantasy Esports – Explained;

Fantasy eSports sites offer a “salary cap” model, like NBA, NFL, etc…then users select a roster of players for their fantasy team under the limitations of a salary cap set by the site. After choosing a team, competitors score fantasy points based on their performances in competitions or official tournaments. Users with the most fantasy points in a given contest can win huge cash prizes.


When choosing the platform to bet on, we need to understand that we are going to put our own money on the bets. That means we need the online sports betting site to be reputable, responsive, and we need it to have good odds and attractive bonus rewards. Here are our main criteria when choosing the best Esports Betting Sites:


Figuring out if you can trust an online sportsbook comes down to a few simple checks, after which you will find out whether the website has any red flags or not.

The first is the regulation check. In short, you need to check if a betting site has the rights to be one. Which jurisdiction issued the license for this platform? You can usually find this information on the bottom of the main page of the site. If you’re not familiar with the jurisdiction, do a small bit of research. If there have been player issues with sites regulated under a jurisdiction, you won’t have to do much more than a cursory Google search to uncover them. This will only take you a couple of minutes.

What do real people think about this esports sportsbook? Check its accounts on social media channels, and also review sites. Maybe there is something that will make you not want to go there, or something that you will find impressive and underrated. What is available and accessible to users in terms of customer support? It's usually something you can find answers to very easily. Just another minute or two!

Before you take a pick and conclude, first, test the website yourself! Make sure that the sportsbook has passed the first two tests mentioned above, and then just start small, just for the sake of experience. Deposit the minimum supported amount and place minimum bets. Do you like what you see? If you have any questions you can contact customer support. Have they resolved your issue? How responsive are they?  And, in the end, again, do you like it? If not – that's absolutely fine, just move on through our list. Luckily, there's plenty of online sportsbooks to choose from.


The odds on a given match do differ from one online betting site to the next. We need to figure out the ones that offer the most favorable odds. While at first glance, the difference between them may look minimal (e.g 1.95 vs 1.92 odds), this really will matter long term, so a little bit of a time investment will result in a little more of a win each time.

This is a question you should be asking regularly, as markets are dynamic and books regularly get better (and worse) at predicting specific markets.


Odds is not the only thing you should take into account here. Books offer players – especially new players – a variety of promotions and bonuses. We want to get the most value out of our dollars, don't we?

In order to achieve that, you should take a look at some of the promotional bonuses and offers that the sites we list have on offer. You’ll want to look for:

Deposit bonuses.

Free bets.

VIP / cashback programs.


We think that GG.BET is the best platform for beginners. They cover pretty much every match that is being played, they have decent odds and a smooth and responsive website. Customer support service members are always available and urging to help you out if you have any questions. They offer good deposit bonuses to beginners that help them dip toes into the waters and enter the real game. GG.BET is very broadly advertised – you can see them sponsoring many esports teams and events, their name keeps coming up everywhere, and not for nothing.

DraftKings also deserves a spot in our FAQ! very few bookmakers in the betting industry have earned this level of respect from super successful bettors in the world so fast! and that applies to betting in general, not just esports betting.  They have a more simplistic design compared to the one of GG.BET’s. 



Ultimately, we'd suggest you try and see which one fits you best.

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