FPL Prices for 2020/21 Season: The Best All-Round Prospect

Today, we're going to be talking about the best all-around prospects for the upcoming 20/21 season

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Best all-around FPL prospects

With how bumpy 2020 has been, there's little doubt that the fantasy premier league is going to be overwhelmingly crowded once football returns to normality.

There are plenty of players with that itch, waiting to get back into the swing of things.

We know we can't, which is why we've already started putting pieces together for the upcoming fantasy football Premier League.

Today, in particular, we're going to be talking about the best all-around prospects for the price you're getting per player.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

In his first run at Old Trafford, Wan-Bissake ended up being United's top-scoring defender, finishing out with a total of 127 points. His performance only improved the later into the season we got. His final 13 starts accounted for nine of his 12 total clean sheets, and three of his four assists, which speaks volumes.


The bonus point system has also been particularly kind to Wan-Bissaka, with his defensive contributions scoring him an additional 16 points, the fourth-highest amount of bonus points for defenders that year.


He is going for 5.5 million, making him one of the best options to pick up this season no doubt about it!

Reece James

Chelsea's Reece James wasn't seen much at the start of the last season. He started in two of the 21 game weeks for Chelsea. However, his presence became much more prominent towards the end, starting 12 of the last 18 matches.


Compared with other defenders that had over 1000 minutes of match time, the right-back has some underlying statistics that very much highlight the attacking potential that James has. His chance created came in at every 63 minutes, which is fourth for the entire season. His average shot taken ranked 12th at 84.1 minutes.


Reece James is going for 5 million this season, which is a great price according to the statistics we've been looking at.

Serge Aurier

Tottenham Hotspur's attacking right-back has the season of his life in 2019/2020, producing 124 points in what was his best FPL campaign to date. Aurier scored once during the season and supplied a staggering seven assists, which ranked fifth among all defenders.


Aurier is valued at 5.5 million, keeping in line with the average price per player that we are looking at.

John Egan

Sheffield United recorded 13 clean sheets in the last campaign, thanks in no small part to center-back John Egan. Egan provided one assist and scored twice during the campaign, with statistics that further cement the threat he is when it comes to attacking returns.


He had a total of 27 shots inside of the penalty area, which ranked joint-fourth off all FPL defenders during the season.


However, the jury is still out on whether a Sheffield United player is worth an investment during this upcoming campaign. With goalkeeper Dean Henderson leaving the club for Man United, this brings his 75.8% percent save record with him.

Egan is going for 5 million this season.

Romain Saiss

Saiss is the best budget option for those looking for a way into Wolverhampton Wanderer's defense, which had 13 shutouts last campaign. Saiss was a regular last season and started 26 of Wolverhampton's final 29 matches, so you don't have to worry about him getting stuck on the bench,


He scored twice during the season and supplied two assists in FPL.


Saiss costs just 5 million, which is great for those that can't spare the extra half a million for one of the other Wolverhampton defenders.

Kieran Tierney

Tierney never got the chance to shine like he should have in the 2019/2020 campaign, being struck down with an injury just 12 starts into his debut run. He scored a goal and supplied an assist during one of the Gunners games with Watford, which gave us just a peek into the potential that Tierney has. 


Before joining Arsenal, the Scot played for Celtic, where he scored five goals and 21 assists during 102 league appearances, so we know that he has the potential to do well. Tierney is going for 5.5 million, so if you need a promising left-back, then this is your best all-round option.


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