Getting Started with Expert NBA Picks

Getting Started with Expert NBA Picks - your go-to guide for picking the right bets in the NBA 2021 Season.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Understanding picks, and predictions for NBA games is a useful part of betting, especially when you are about to take your first steps into proper betting that is not just set among friends or family. Here are some tips on how expert picks can help – as long as you know what you are using.

What are expert picks?

‘Expert picks’ generally refers to any sports bet recommendation made by somebody with info to help them set odds and predict game outcomes. For example, a pick could come from you looking at the past history of two teams and deciding which one has a stronger offense, which could be what they need to win the entire game. Nothing is perfectly accurate, but having data to support predictions can be a very useful option.

Some companies sell their picks as standalone purchases or part of subscription services, giving you access to a huge amount of data that they send through a custom algorithm. They are not flawless, but these algorithms put a massive amount of information together and try to come up with the most accurate predictions possible.

Types of Picks

Not all picks are meant for regular bets, and some expert picks are specific to particular types of bets. The way that the results are calculated can also matter: for example, it might be more based on the relative amount of points the team can score, rather than which one will actually win.

Point Spread Picks

Point spread bets are basically the bread and butter of NBA betting, with odds hovering around -110 to keep things consistent. Third-party picks are often meant to find things that bookkeepers won’t, such as little pieces of data about the performance of each player that might hint at a surprise victor. 

Just like point spread bets themselves, there will be a lot of connection to how teams stack up against one another. If they are similar and are expected to have similar scores by the end of the game, then experts will try to root out anything that could suggest one team beating the other. If they are very different in terms of score, the focus might be on why one team is so much better than the other.

Over/Under Picks

Over/under bet picks are very varied, just like over/under bets themselves. Since each point can completely change the outcome of the bet, a lot of the focus will usually be on how fast and consistently a team can score, as well as how good they are at preventing the enemy team from doing the same.

Moneyline Picks

Moneyline picks are very low risk and low reward, but if an underdog team wins, it can suddenly really raise the stakes. In this instance, the odds you are looking at are not always going to be accurate, and surprise upsets or unexpected wins may become even more valuable if they go against normal predictions.

Should I use expert NBA picks?

Expert NBA picks are often treated as a product: you buy into them and get access to a huge stream of information, which can sometimes lead to big wins from NBA bets. However, it is important to remember that these predictions still are not completely perfect, so they are not a replacement for common sense. They should be used as a way to enhance your understanding of the game and the teams that will be playing, not to make your decisions for you.

The type of bet that you are looking to make can have an impact here, too. Different bets have different criteria for you winning them, so some might be easier to predict than others. If a team or player is relatively new and does not have a lot of data available about their past games, then it can also throw off some algorithms, so you need to remember that accuracy will never be completely perfect.

Even so, they can be a great way to break into betting without having to stress over researching teams yourself. Most pick experts want to make a living creating picks, so they do not want to ruin their reputation by making half-hearted predictions: a lot of them will even put extra effort in just to get more data that confirms their original predictions.

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