Gheorghe Hagi’s Amazing Left Foot In Action

Romanian football legend Gheorghe Hagi had a sledge hammer for a left foot. check out some of his most memorable kicks

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“The Maradona of the Carpathians” also known as Gheorghe Hagi is an abosulte legend of Romanian football and current owner and manager of  Romanian club Viitorul Constanța

Hagi is probably Romania's best attacking midfielder of all time, known for his vicious left footed power.

check out some of his best highlights!


Hagi was considered one of the best players in the world during the 80's and '90s, an idol for many fans growing up watching World Cup 94.

Hagi played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid altough he is much more recognized with Trukish club Galatasaray.

Fans of  Galatasaray, the club were Hagi finished his career with, called him “Comandante” (“The Commander”). 

Till this day, Whenever Romanians are on holiday in Turkey and chat with  some locals who find out where they're from, in many cases the following sentence is “Hagi Our Comandante!!”

Hagi was a truly a creative playmaker famous for his dribbling skills, technique,  all around vision on the field, passing  abilllity and left and right foot accurate yet powerful shooting.

Here's a goal with his right foot!

Gheorghe Hagi Teams & Stats During the years

1982–1983Farul Constanța18(7)
1983–1987Sportul Studențesc108(58)
1987–1990Steaua București97(76)
1990–1992Real Madrid64(16)
Total 516(237)

Hagi casually scoring a banger in 2016, during the training sessions with the club he is coaching (Viitorul).

He was 51 yrs old at that time.

One of the best 10's many fans ever seen.Hagi was Absolute class, mesmerizing.

What would Klopp or Mourinho do if they had Hagi on their teams?

Closest thing to Hagi now is probably a player like Ozil while many believe Hagi was muc better than Ozil's peak.

Gheorghe Hagi's Famous Goal VS Colombia In World Cup 94'

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