Most Watched Esports teams of 2019

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There are many different championships each year. viewers are watching streams not just because of their favorite players. popular orgs with their own fan base are also a big reason for the massive viewings. here are the teams who got the biggest amount of views and gained worldwide popularity in 2019

Most viewed Esports teams of 2019

esport chart

Top 10 Rankings

Here is the breakdown of the results

  • 1. Team Liquid with 124.4M views
  • 2. G2 Esports with 102.1M views
  • 3. Finatic with 73.3M views
  • 4. T1 with 72.1M views
  • 5. Astrails with 50.1M views
  • 6. Natus Vincere with 49.8M views
  • 7. Evil Geniuses with 45.7M views
  • 8. Team Vitality with 42.6M views
  • 9. Virtus Pro with 38.7M views
  • 10. Ninjas in Pyjamas with 37.7M views

Well, if we thought Esports is increasingly becoming super poplur this chart definitely proves it. we can expect a growth of  up to 15% in streaming views until the end of 2020. 

A little bit of info about the data in the chart:

  • refers only  to esports matches
  • excluding statistics of personal broadcasts from players
  • excluding statistics of team influencers
  • the views are from all types of games although the majority of views are from CSGO alone
  • we are missing some big names like OG who played only 3 tournaments in 2019
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