TEMPO STORM RAISES $3.5 Million to Create A New Game

the well-known brand Tempo Storm has raised $3.3 million on planning to create a new game - here's all the info.

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Esports Brand Tempo Storm has raised $3.3 Million in series A of funding round to develop and market a new game called The Bazaar.

The Bazaar a brand new game from tempo storm

Tempo Storm competes in games like Shadowverse, PUBG Mobile, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros., Magic: The Gathering, and Rainbow Six Siege. so this move was rather unusual for the brand to make the leap to other gaming adventures

The 3.3 Mill success was led by Technology investor Galaxy Interactive.

the game in question – The Bazaar will is meant to be a deck-building card game where trying to build a deck will be the main focus of the gameplay. further deatils are still unknown 

Tempo Storm confirmed that the money  will be used to elevate the company beyond the esports world and creating this game will be their first step towards new ventures.

the organization also plans on building a Game Changers franchise, an all-live travel show which will be live-streamed across different platforms.

Sam Englebardt, Head of Galaxy Interactive said:


“What impressed us most about Tempo Storm is their vision beyond the traditional esports organization. Starting with the company’s founder and CEO, Andrey Yanyuk, this group is truly innovating in areas such as interactive productions and game development. Sure, they are successful esports competitors, but they are so much more, and it was an easy decision to invest in them.”

Here's what Tempo Storm founder and CEO Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk had to say about the succesfull funding round:

“While Tempo is well-known in the competitive gaming world, we’ve always operated more as a media company than a sports team. We believe that interactivity is the future of entertainment, and we’re incredibly grateful to be working with investors who share that vision. Our upcoming game and audience-driven shows are blazing the trail in the world of interactive media, and it’s exciting to see that future being realized.”


we will update you more on this subject in futrure Esports stories

for more info about tempo storm, their teams and latest developments please visit their website.


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