UK’S PRIDE – Tyson Fury Destroys Deontay Wilder in the 7th with TKO

LIVE Reactions, ALL media, highlights hot takes as Fury Beats Wilder - all fight's info

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Tyson Fury is now a 2-times heavyweight champ after an amazing performance to destory Deontay Wilder in the 7th round by TKO.

Fury Knockdown Wilder twice with some brutal liver and head shots before wilder's corner decided to threw  the towel on the 7th round to end Wilder's unbeaten record of 41-0.

Britain cureently has 2 heavyweight world champs, with AJ (Anthony Joshua) holding the other major title in the heavyweight division after defeating Andy Ruiz recenlty as well. 

A match between the 2 british boxers is now highly anticipated.

Fury's 1st knockdown with massive liver shot

In the biggest heavyweight world title fight since Lewis knocked out  Tyson (both of whom were in the arena last night) to retain the title in 2002.

During the fight, It was suprising to see Fury be so offensive against Wilder, the most dominant puncher in boxing and one of the strongest punchers of all time. 

Fury, at 273 pounds was probably the heaviest his ever been in his career and with an 16.5 pounds than in first fight between them, Fury was defenitley fighting and not so much clasically  boxing in this rematch.

Last seconds of the fight as Fury wins with an Amazing TKO in the 7th round

Fury tastes Wilder’s blood during the fight! absolute beast

Some speculations have bubbled up about wilder getting his jaw broken during the 2nd knockdown while it seems to be false as of now altough he did suffer some damage to his ear.

In one of the greatest comeback stories in boxing history, Tyson fury's Mission is accomplished. In a one-sided fight and violent style, usually defensive boxer Fury shfited into the puncher role this time to score  2 nasty knockdowns before finishing Wilder in their rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

Wilder's corner threw  the towel in Round 7 as a confused Wilder was exhausted like we never seen before

 Check out CBS Sports 10Min Coverage of the fight.

English Promoter Frank Warren who manages both boxers has stated he will match Tyson Fury against Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. making it a classic ALL-UK Fight!

Fight Scorecard & Stats

Fury was extremely dominant in the statistics as well. He landed 82 of 267 punches (31%), Wilder landed 34 of 141 (24%).

Fury & Wilder took a 50-50 split paycheck, with each man getting around $25 million + revenue share of the profits from  ESPN-Fox PPV. 

Wilder now got 30 days to use his option for  immediate rematch against Fury, in this case it would be a 60-40  profit split to Fury's advantage.

Fury led 59-52 on 2 judges scorecards At the time of the stoppage, and 58-53 on the third and final one. 

ESPN Team had Fury leading 59-52 at stoppage

fury v wilder scorecard
Official Scorecard - Fury V Wilder 2

Fight Reactions & Post-Fight interviews

Reactions around the world praises Fury as one of the most talented boxers to ever com out the UK in recent times. the massive win is making alot of headlines in sports media worldwide.

English boxing manager and promoter Frank Warren was over the top with fury's BIG W.

Besided promoting the fight and managin Fury, Warren was also a founder of British boxing television channel BoxNation.

Mike Tyson boxing legend, former world heavyweight champion and the record holder as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years old was absolutely excited to see fury eliminte Wilder at the MGM

Tyson Fury Honest reaction ater the fight in an interview to BT sports

Check out the post fight press conference for the wilder vs fury 2 fight as tyson fury speaks on his impressive knockout win

Overall the most anticipted fight of recent years lived up the hyp.

“I'm a true warrior. Fury had an amazing performance, and we will be back stronger,” said Wilder, seemingly hinting he wants the rematch for the 3rd time.

Fury is perfectly fine with this.

“I'm sure He will be back,” Fury said bout Wilder. “He will be champion once again. But I will say, the king has returned to the top of the throne.”

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