10 Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen Right Now (2022)

we’ve collected all of the evidence from the best pods and investigated them thoroughly and are waiting for you to enjoy them.

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The goal of listening to the best true crime podcasts is to keep you interested and wanting more. You want to rush home, throw your headphones on, and push play. True crime shows and journalism has taken the world by storm and are highly popular. Plus, it’s everywhere, including Netflix and regular television. This genre isn’t going anywhere, so you are bound to find some exciting podcasts that let you become a bit Murderino.

With so many podcasts about true crime, there’s no shortage out there. Still, you want to pick the best ones, so it can take a bit of time. The list below can help you because we’ve collected all of the evidence from the best shows and investigated them thoroughly and are waiting for you to enjoy them.

You Must Remember Manson

You Must Remember Manson

Charles Manson is the man you can’t forget and don’t want to know. Between Mindhunter’s Season 2 and Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Manson is still definitely making an impression, even 50 years after committing his crimes. However, most people want to know more about him and his life. What did he do? Why were The Beatles involved? Who was he really? Karina Longworth steps in to answer these important questions. In her eleven-part series of You Must Remember This, the dive into Manson’s history is something you must hear. It’s available on a variety of platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

While die-hard Murderino fans may already have this pair on their true-crime corkboards, everyone else may need a bit of an introduction. Paul Holes is a retired investigator of cold cases and played a significant role in the uncovering of the identity of the Golden State Killer after 24 long years. Billy Jensen, an investigative journalist, specializes in true crime. This pair were brought together by the Exactly Right Podcast Network and is found under the title My Favorite Murder. The episodes take on various crimes and whether or not they are still looking for victims. Plus, the pair only focus on the victims and not the serial killers. You can find this podcast on many platforms, including Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple.

Hunting Warhead

All of the podcasts in this list revolve around more traditional police work, such as dusting for fingerprints, collecting evidence, and solving the murder in real life. What happens when such investigations go digital? This podcast is a six-part series that follows police and journalists as they search the dark web for child abuse sources and criminals. It’s not an easy subject to listen to, but it is intriguing and important to know what’s being done about child pornographers. While the internet is perfect for shopping online and reading content, there is a dark side that needs to be talked about. Daemon Fairless investigates and shows us that justice on the internet is still justice. Listen to it on the Podbean app, Apple Podcasts, and many others.

The Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet podcast

Can a spoiler be a spoiler if it happens in real life? We think so because they point you to the Teacher’s Pet, which is a multi-part series found in The Australian. Hedley Thomas presents the documentary and uncovers details surrounding the disappearance of Lynette Dawson. She went missing from her home in Australia back in 1982. There are many interviews and speeches from her family and friends, making this a frustrating and raw journey, and also an obsession for Murderinos everywhere. Find it on The Australian, Stitcher, and other popular apps.


Criminal podcast

The host of Criminal, Phoebe Judge, has soothing tones and is quite concise. When listening to true crime, you know that some people’s lives are cut much shorter than others. To keep that sense of urgency, these stories are self-contained and about 30 minutes long. They’re perfect for your commute to work, but they might not be suitable so early in the morning. You’ve got stories about poodles being stolen and police investigators diving the La Brea Tarpits. Plus, there are always fresh voices to hear and bring perspective. Listen to it on Stitcher, Radiotopia, and other platforms.

My Favorite Murder


Do your friends say goodbye by telling you to ‘stay sexy and not get murdered?’ Probably not, unless they’re fellow Murderinos and fans of My Favorite Murder. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark started out recording thoughts on their favorite crimes and have created a true-crime phenomenon. They’ve got a podcast network and still come together twice a week to talk about other murders. Of course, they’re frank attitude spans everything from crime to mental health, and they have a great rapport, so you’re sure to want to stay tuned. Get it on their website, Stitcher, and Exactly Right Media.

Real Crime Profile

Real Crime Profile podcast

Jim Clemente is a retired FBI profiler, and Laura Richards is an ex-behavioral analyst for the New Scotland Yard. They present the Real Crime Profile podcast by Wondery, which is an ongoing pod and ideal for fans who like true crime television. They dive deep into cases that were made popular by television shows. These include The Staircase, Making a Murder, Escape at Dannemora, and Evil Genius. The team chooses to focus on an element within multiple cases during their episodes. Therefore, the story centers on the victim and includes knowledgeable conversation. Find it on Wondery, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left

We like the name of this podcast because it reminds us of “The Last House on the Left,” an excellent, grisly, sad movie (though not about true crime). Those who like to laugh through the depravity of what they hear are going to love this podcast. It’s hosted by Marcus Parks (researcher), Henry Zebrowski (comedian), and Ben Kissel. Currently, it has over 350 episodes to listen to, and it’s all about true crime. Whether it’s paranormal, cults, or serial killers, the goal is disturbing or weird. You’re going to feel so guilty about wanting to laugh, but you’re not going to be able to stop yourself. Listen to it on the Last Podcast Network, SoundCloud, and Spotify.


Serial podcast

If you’re looking for one of the best true crime podcasts, you must listen to Serial, hosted by Sarah Koenig. It’s in its second season and, if the first season’s success is anything to go on, it’s going to be a crowd-pleaser. Koenig focuses on Adnan Syed, a teenager who was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999. She gains access to Syed, investigates the evidence, and points out inconsistencies. This makes it a compelling listen for those who want to know more. Plus, the second season talks about Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier who was captured by the Taliban. Listen on the Serial network, Apple, and Stitcher.

Dr. Death

Dr. Death podcast

If you plan to listen to Dr. Death, you might want to make sure you’re healthy and aren’t going to need the hospital first. It’s a multi-part podcast hosted by Laura Beil. It’s on the Wondery network and focuses on the crimes of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who maimed and tortured his patients. The butchery that went on is scarier than others on the list because it comes from the supposed safety of a hospital. Find it on the Wondery Network, Spotify, and Stitcher.



It’s clear to see that those who love true crime can find almost anything to listen to on podcasts. We talked about the top 10 best true crime podcasts that are trending now. This is going to help you choose what to listen to while running errands or when you have a free moment at home. Just don’t be surprised if you feel like sleeping with the light on after listening!

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