10 Most Intriguing History Podcasts of 2022

Whatever the case may be, there are many history podcasts available that make for a great listen. Here are the 10 best hisroty podcasts that you should choose from.

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It is said that to understand where you’re headed, you need to understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes it’s just to acquire insight, and in other cases, it’s to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Whatever the case may be, there are many history podcasts available that make for a great listen. 

Here are the 10 most intriguing ones that you should choose from.

Burnt Toast

Don’t let the name fool you, foodies, as this podcast has some savory content available. Hop over to the Food52 website to have a listen when you’re ready to deep dive into a unique take on history.


Michael Turkell does a great job with the assistance of culinary experts to help you understand the history behind some of your favorite tasty treats.


Here’s one that is as unsettling as it is informative. This award-winning podcast is hosted by Aaron Mahnke, who does a great job of exploring some of the most nerve-racking people, creatures, and beliefs.


The podcast is categorized as a horror podcast, which is appropriate considering the way you’re made to feel. You can find this one on the Lore podcast website.



30 for 30

This podcast, which you can find on ESPN’s website, is one that is a love letter to all the sports fans out there, as Jody Avirgan takes on sporting history, and makes compelling links between some of the standout moments in sporting history and the culture that exists today.

This isn’t something that you need to be a sports fan to enjoy, as there’s something here for everyone to learn


Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

As you could probably tell from the title, this one is not your average podcast. Dr. Sydnee McElroy and Justin McElroy are the hosts of this hilarious podcast that focuses on some of the strangest medical occurrences in medical history.

As the professional, Dr. McElroy points out the strangeness, as her husband brings the laughs. You can check this one out on the MaximumFun page.


Hardcore History

This is more of a structured covering of some of history’s most defining moments, especially where war is concerned. Dan Carlin does an excellent job of covering a broad range of topics, and some of them even span multiple episodes.

Some of Carlin’s content is freely available on Apple podcasts, but the rest requires you to stop by his website to make a purchase.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

You can listen to this podcast from HowStuffWorks on the iHeartRadio website. The hosts, Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey, provide a wealth of insightful information that stays true to the podcast’s name.

There is a wide range of interesting topics about events that your school curriculum likely left out. If you like to know little neat facts, this is the podcast for you.


There probably isn’t a more appropriate name for this podcast. Be careful as you may end up listening to episodes on end and wondering where the time went. The fascination comes in the way that some of the biggest political happenings are dissected, and various twists are revealed.

Leon Neyfakh does an amazing job of bringing political history to life in an engaging way. Check this one out on Luminary.

Atlanta Monster

Hosted by Matt Frederick and Payne Lindsey, this is a well-researched podcast that provides you with the details behind some of the most notorious historical happenings, such as the advent of the Zodiac Killer.

There are alternative ways to hear these stories, but there is often a lot of editing to create a good story. The hosts here simply focus on the facts. This one is available on the Atlanta Monster website.

Revisionist History

Are you ready to forget what you think you know about historical happenings? Throughout life, there are many things that you learn about the past that are either somewhat inaccurate or have abandoned all sense of truth.

The host, Malcolm Gladwell, is more than happy to clear the air and set the record straight for you. Prepare to be surprised about how much of what you know is off the mark. Check out the Revisionist History webpage for this one.


The final podcast on the list sees the host, Lillian Cunningham, explore the reality of the past presidents. Sometimes the expectations and perceptions created caused people to see and remember human beings who were completely different from the truth.

Once you have a listen, you are likely to be surprised by how much different these men of power really were. You can find this one on the Washington Post.

Final Remarks

There are many ways to learn about history, and podcasts just provide an engaging alternative. Many of these podcasts focus on unique and interesting areas of history, and they approach discussions with unique perspectives. The ones outlined above are highly recommended for your journey into the past.

Note that there are multiple platforms, such as Apple podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, that you can use to listen to these podcasts. The location stated on each entry is simply the top alternative.

Once you have a listen, you are likely to be surprised by how much different these men of power really were. You can find this one on the Washington Post.

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